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I need me some R&R..

Charlene 9 Mar 4

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I think he needs a drink.


Lmao... The man needs a new job... Different field altogether!


If he feels like that, he should have used that vacation to look for a job that he loves.

That defeats the purpose of a vacation..

@Charlene No it doesn't. Just think I have one two or three weeks to relax and then I go back to that shitty job that I hate and I am there for how many weeks a year? I rather have a job that when I wake up in the morning I look forward to going there.

@Jolanta I got more enjoyment out finding another job while working.

@Charlene Yes of course but it is not always possible.


I think he needs to find another job.

Doesn't everybody?

@Charlene No, not everyone.

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