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It didn't start with immediately killing the sick, the weak children, the mentally ill, and the permanently disabled. It did not start instantly with gassing the Jewish, It started with a program followed slowly by too many condescending 'yes' people of today.

AntaresRose 8 Mar 5

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It actually started with the Reichstag being set on fire on On Feb. 27, 1933. Once the houses of Congress are set on fire, you have my attention, otherwise these memes are silly:


BD66 Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

It started way before that. With pitched street battles between militant workers and militant WWI veterans. The blood started flowing even before the ink on the Armistice began to dry.

@The-Krzyz Plus hyperinflation. Haven't had that yet either.


Ya, I think a few people forgot.

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