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If you get a lot of unsolicited sales, fundraising, and/or scam calls, I have a suggestion. When I get one of those and if they don't identify themselves or their organization, I ask coldly, "What is the purpose of the call?" Over half hang up without saying anything else.

If they continue by trying to go on with a spiel, I interrupt them and say, "I asked you a question and I demand that you answer it before you go any further." Another 40 percent also hang up at that point.

By wordywalt8
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I had a caller tell me that my credit card interest rate could be lower, I asked which card. They said Visa or Mastercard. I said yes, but which company authorized you to call me. They hung up. Generally, I don't answer calls for numbers I don't recognize. If they don't leave a message, I block that number.

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