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Oh snap...

SaucyCheryl 8 Mar 6

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OH, Donald will be so displeased.


That is my natural tendency but considering the political consequences and the fact he will never be convicted in the Senate, I think it would be better to have him prosecuted after he leaves office. An impeachment will not punish him, he will simply state that it was a fixed prosecution. Just like everything else in which he does not prevail is fixed. That will harden his base. Don't forget the colloquialism that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.


Ah I do miss my hometown!


Clinton was impeached and for worse offences and he still served full term. Why bother waste tax dollars? Find something constructive to spend you time on and stop praying to the political gods.

Nope. Even Napolean had his Watergate.

@SaucyCheryl And a very successful song was written about it. WATERLOO..............

Clinton was impeached for worse offenses? What the fuck are you talking about? A consensual blowjob from an intern is worse then committing treason?


Lolololololololol..I love NYC..


Americans need to vote him out, then send him and his ilk to jail.

Did you see where trump may have realized that being re-elected may protect him from litigation as president.

@Healthydoc70 yeah. That’s why he needs to be dumped on his ass

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