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Most Trump Supporters portrayed as stupid and gullible. Article

Slogan - Promises made Promises broken but my base is too stupid to notice.
Do you think they will ever be embarrassed for being so gullible?

By Gypsy4947
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Oh, the Green New Deal---yes, I read something about that, by seems to me it makes good sense, IF you divorce it completely from reality, sort of like Communism makes perfectly good sense if you subtract human nature, and the law of supply and demand, from the equation.


Emotional reactivity confirms bias without veracity. They hear want they already “know.”


No they won't. They are far too ignorant to be ashamed.


No, because they don't believe him either. But he's a Republican and supports their overall agenda.


Despite the polls I find the 90% of Republicans support him hard to swallow. I also noted Obama got a much lower number than idiot 'W'! I doubt that, that many Republican legislators still support him.

To me it's all about the no. one virtue of loyalty that conservatives so prize. "He may be a SOB, but at least he's our SOB.


Not until after he falls. Many Nixon supporters kept supporting him up until he resigned. They applauded when Ford pardoned Nixon, but nto enough of them voted for Ford in the next election.

There will always be a group who just will never admit they were wrong or made a mistake, but a large enough group will quietly stop supporting an embarrassment.


I agree that Trump must be banking on the stupidity of his followers to get re-elected. At the rate we are going it will probably happen. Gullible has taken on a new meaning.


Absolutely not.
If we even consider this as a possibility the next election will be lost as well.


The American bourgeoisie can be broken down into two competing factions. The extremely naive, represented by the Donkey Party, and the extremely stupid, or Elephant Party. The two-party system we have is designed so that 'third parties' don't have a rat's chance of obtaining political power. Therefore, the electorate is forced to choose between the two. I don't consider the electorate to be blamed for a lack of choice between the idiotic, and the absurd.


Most of the gullible will continue to support him because he is hurting all the same people that these moron's hate. Repubs are good at rationalizing negative stories about trump, so I highly doubt anything will change their minds about him.


Enough of the badmouth! Just sounds stupid...

ColdFax Level 6 Mar 9, 2019

We're talking about a base that tries to make up for their lack of intellect by toting guns around. I can tell you that people I knew since grammar school have fallen into very predictable patterns. The less intelligent ones are trumpsters and watch Fox news propaganda. They become hostile at the words "fact check". This is the same pattern I read about in my history studies, mainly 1936 Germany.


All high level politicians make and break promises...except to the billionaires handing them money. Most aren't such uneducated, misogynistic imbeciles, though.


They will do what they always do, rewrite the history. They weren't embarrassed by Nixon, or W Bush, they just found creative ways to point their fingers at Democrats.

There was a dude on Real Time last night, who claimed that Trump fulfilled every promise he made, so the rush to rewrite all of 2015-2016 is already underway. Don't try to remind them, Trump promised to make sure every American would have health insurance, it would be cheaper than the ACA, and cover every ailment. They just pretend he never mentioned it.

They're so damned stupid. Most of them had no idea that the ACA and "Obamacare" are the exact same thing. They hate Obamacare, but rely on the ACA, and cry like babies when they find out they're going to lose it.
Stupid fuckers.

I watched Bill's show last night and saw how that Matt Schlapp asshole lied and did his usual spin on trump. I was disappointed that Bill didn't seem prepared to clap back at him. Repubs are the best at re-writing history, so we need to be prepared to correct it!!!

@Redheadedgammy, exactly, Bill went straight to the damn wall, as if there weren't hundreds of other promises broken.


Yes... Trump supporters are stupid and gullible.

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