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Any fellow bikers on this site?

BryanBrown 4 Mar 1

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Got my first bike in 1969 and still have it. Currently riding a Road King and have had many in between. They keep me sane, sort of. #harley


I think I just found my next bike.


Only in the the US, and some other western countries, do people think that riding a motorcycle is a badge of macho-hood.

Most people in Thailand, from kids to grandmothers, use motorbikes like family cars, hauling groceries, even adding side cars and canopies to make vendor carts, etc., except that the motors are almost silent, there is a long seat to fit extra riders, and many of them have flat floors where you can pile produce.

Occasionally Thai enamored with the mega-noisy, monster US road motorbikes will roar past, almost deafening people and often inspiring me to curse them roundly in French and/or Creole. These road bikes are too heavy and awkward to handle well in close traffic, not designed for extra passengers, polluting, gas guzzling.

I only filled my Honda Icon every week or so, and it cost me $1.20 to fill the tank.

Pics: driving my Honda Icon in Songkhla, Thailand
2.crowd of Thai at U-turn a block from my place in Songkhla, showing tangle of overhead power lines, common there.

It's not a badge of macho hood to me, it's become my greatest hobby, started riding a year ago, had some really good teachers, so when I ride in a group most people think I've been riding most of my life.

@BryanBrown It's not some high status "hobby" in Asia..everyone rides motorbikes just as transportation. But the huge, noisy, smelly, polluting machines the US sells clash painfully with the quiet, clean motorbikes used abroad.

@okiestache I curse US motorbikes in my mind every time some giant, ear-splitting-noise motorbike deafens me on the road here in Thailand, choking me with its fumes. What is it with US Caucasian men anyway? The bigger, noisier, more polluting, the better. I suppose they imagine it makes them seem more "virile."


We all gonna have to hook up and go for a ride sometime then guys, I'm on the space coast, where's everyone else located at?


You betcha!!! It's one of my three great loves in life! I've been riding motorcycles since I was 10, in 1972. I've found it to be profoundly more relaxing than anything else out there. It's also much cheaper than therapy and just as effective. I love it so much that I've been offering my services as a motorcycle trail guide since last year. You know......any excuse to ride!! I ride a 1986 Kawasaki Voyager.

My photo is of me on my 03 super glide 100th anniversary edition, that's the one I'm rebuilding the bottom end of the engine currently, got other bikes to ride though.


While I have no bike at this moment, I have had many, and I'm sure the current condition won't last. I've got an itch for a supermoto bike at the moment.

I've been involved in racing for years. MX, woods/enduro, and roadcourse. I could see myself giving Trials a shot sometime.




Yes, I think there's a couple. 😉

Are you thinking of getting one? 🙂

Already own 3, 2 are in the process of assembling and rebuilding, 1 was just given to me for Christmas as a gift, still haven't decided what to do with that one yet.

My apologies for the flippant comment - I had seen your profile picture that included a H*rley. 😉
As you can see I'm a Triumph man - I'm down to 4 at the minute!


As a reward for myself for raising 2 daughters, I'm planning on taking lessons and getting my motorcycle license after my youngest graduates next year. Not sure if I'll get a bike but I've always wanted to learn to ride.


yup - over 30yrs


Yes indeed! Been a rider for many years..

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