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I checked this out and it's true. But it's also so gosh darn cute.

"Butterflies drink the tears of Caiman Crocodiles in the Amazon basin. They do this for the salt which is a precious electrolyte for their nervous system and hard to come by so far from the ocean."

These links explain it:

By bleurowz8
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Looks like he's laughing


In the mountains, around here, one of the things they tell hikers is, if you have to go pee, do it as far from the trail as you can. It isn't a modesty thing. Mountain goats go crazy for the salt in urine, for the same reason as these butterflies drink the alligator tears.


They look so...happy.
That’s what we all need, somebody who would drink our tears and make us smile.


Gives new meaning to Crocodile tears. Nature has so many surprises.

I saw something amazing last night and it is just another weird (to us) part of nature. Pyrosomes

BTW, I saw this and couldn't resist (it's cute, though). lol

looks a bit like a discarded plastic bag

@Moravian That's what I thought. But it is actually a colony of animals. []


At first, I thought, 'now what do crocodiles cry about?' But then, I remembered the term 'crocodile tears'. So, they must cry sometime. Right?

davknight Level 7 Mar 11, 2019

Yes they do. I edited my post to include links that explain it.


Crocodile Tears - The Thirst Mutilator!

It’s got electrolytes.

Omg, I need to rewatch that movie!

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