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What doesn't impress you?

For me, money doesn't impress me. Some of the most wretched humans on earth were wealthy and still are.

Redcupcoffee 7 Mar 1

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Flashy cars don't impress me, or lots of money. Too much jewelry or too many tatts don't impress me. I like tatts, but it doesn't have to cover allll your skin. Too many piercings don't impress me. Guns don't impress me, big trucks, or bad attitude.


Brand names—especially high end.

@Shelton Or carrying on your arm. I've worked with women who were having trouble paying the bills, but damn sure had the LV, Gucci, D&B and MK handbags. Ugh...


"Tough guy" attitude...(cue REO Speedwagon). A person that in unkind to waitstaff. A person that is shortsighted. Fancy Clothes. Nice car. Indifference to the suffering of others. Guys that have "mantrums" instead of fighting fair. Lack of empathy for people.Trump supporters. Bullies. NRA people that won't budge. People that take them self too serious.

I'd give you an extra like if I could for using an REO Speedwagon reference.

Oh yes - people who are unkind and rude to waitstaff and shop assistants. That one's an immediate date/friendship ender!

VERY well said. Agree with all of that.


Money, greed, self-righteousness, arrogance. Most of the things that seem to be intrinsically tied to organized religion.


Someone who brags about what they have and what they've done. After reading a different post, old guys who claim they can do it a couple times a day. Ick. No one cares. At the very least, I don't.


"I'm a christian (or any other religious denomination)." Okay millions of people are christians you're not that special. It doesn't tell all that much about you, because christians are a massive spectrum in beliefs because they pick and choose what to follow based on what they personally find most appealing.


Indifference and apathy. It seems more and more like it's cool not to care. People toss around 'triggered' as an insult as if caring about something is bad.

I'd rather care too much than not at all. Apathetic people bore me.


Arrogance and people who are comfortable with causing a scene in public places 😀


Yeah greed in general


Those who feel they are entitled


Money does not impress me either, especially if it was inherited wealth. Just wondering if as you were formulating your post you had in mind a particular wretched human on earth. 🙂


I'm not impressed by your(global) Escalade having, Walmart shopping, Coach purse fetishing, McModular living with wasted foyer space sanctimonious nincompoop-itude. /i know someone like this and they're super annoying

I never shop at Walmart, my kids likewise. Two of my kids worked for Hayneedle Shops, and they were bought out by you guessed it.


A fancy car. It's not a sign of success, necessarily, as anyone can get financing, but I'm really interested only in a reliable vehicle, reasonably comfortable, that gets me to my destination. I don't care about about the prestige of car ownership.


Looks. I mean this to a certain extent. I love attractive women that are attractive to me, but what I really mean is that really good looks don't impress me when the person is conceited or has no personality or is horrible to other people. Same goes for money. I guess what I'm saying is I'm not impressed in anything as much as I am impressed by personality and character. Shiny things are nice to look at and have sex with though lol


I'm with you on money..ignorance, bigotry, neoliberals and any form conservatives.

I'm with you both!


People who can get fall down drunk on only beer or wine. lol

@WizardBill My tolerance for alcohol is incredibly high, but I don't doubt it's strong.


Brand names. I love thrift stores. Rude people. How hard is it to be nice and mannerly?


Power and status


"Some of the most wretched humans on earth were wealthy and still are." Were you thinking of tRUMP? Actually, I've known some wealthy people who were very decent and altruistic human beings, but most equate money with power and power becomes subjugation.


Dollars do not impress me.


Titles and degrees, I have met too many educated dumb people and conversely some really smart people with no formal education at all. Don't get me wrong, I am all for education and learning, but the titles don't automatically mean smart. IMHO


I am not impressed by social status or their signifiers such as lots of possessions.

We have live in a new and attractive housing development but all the homes are of modular construction. One of our neighbors are social-climing types, what you might call aspirationally wealthy. When they ordered their house from the factory they purchased every single optional extra avaliable, whether they made the slightest sense or not. It's kind of comical when you think of it -- a modular home on a postage-stamp lot, 15 feet from your neighbors, and you're going to make sure you have the crown molding and tankless water heater so that you feel in between your ears that your house is at least a litle "better" than your neighbor's, thus reassuring you that you are ahead of them climbing the social ladder.

I don't waste money trying to one-up others and I'm content to live in a home that provides warmth and shelter and is inviting, but is not some sort of McMansion in a neighborhood that has the ostentation of being "exclusive".


Nothing makes me roll my eyes harder than some dude trying to impress me with his BMW. It's actually kind of pathetic. Name dropping is right up there, too.


You can do good things with money and it gives you more options, I could certainly use more of it in my life. I'm not impressed by those who pass off others opinions as their own with no thought for themselves. I also don't like those who play the victim. Stand up and take some responsibility for your life instead of whining about your lot.


Most everything doesn't impress me.


Intelligence and being motivated to achieve goals that are purposeful

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