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High School Pic Challenge!

For some of us it's been many many years so this might be fun to post your high school pic. Post'em if ya gott'em!

1975 😀

mzbehavin 8 Mar 11

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Use mine as my icon. Went bald at eighteen, certainly don't look like that now. Actually I am glad I don't look like that now, he looks too much like D. Trump, at least I grew out of it.

@mzbehavin Thanks. But still think that I improved with age.


Memory lane..1977.

@mzbehavin My 1970's porn stash, I was only 17, please forgive me. LOL


Center. About 1984.

LB67 Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

@mzbehavin lol I had the bored teen look down. Nailed it. Lol


My senior photo taken with my Aunt's Friesian, Dutch, in the summer of 1996.


I looked so wholesome, though.



@mzbehavin I got away with so much sh_t with that face.



Junior year 1989

I tried to get my hair to do that, two bottles of spray and Nada!

@mzbehavin it was so bad. LOL What were we thinking?!


I only went three days of actual high school. (went back at 22 to get my diploma) So..Heres one of me at 17 almost 18 I lived with my sister in Havelock NC just outside of MCAS cherry point I was with a friend of mine(Im the one with the horrible pants)

@mzbehavin We Do!! Love your pic too


Please excuse my ex's mucky finger nails. I am the ginger at the back. The photographer wanted me to do some modelling but my Mum thought he was creepy.

This was about 1985

Beautiful Hair!!!


August 1973 before starting senior year with glasses before I got contacts and graduating in 1974. Chief Sealth High School in Seattle.

This summer will be 45th reunion - wow - but I think I'll stay home in Hawaii and participate by viewing the reunion photos online.

@mzbehavin Ours have been multi-year picnics at the local park, so pretty chill, and inclusive of siblings and friends from nearby grades. I enjoy viewing the photos, but so far have only made one reunion - that was the 30/31 year re-union at a nice place. It was a year late for the 30th - class of procrastinators, haha!

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