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Finally i becomes real human I’m out of religion piece of shit

By Yabani833
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Alphaeevee Level 4 Mar 14, 2019

Welcome. I was a christian for 30 years. Had the holy spirit and teached sunday school and all that good stuff. However when i researched christianity with an open mind the facts are unmistakable. Also, I am studying hypnosis and that made me realize that religion is basically self hypnosis at its best and preacher use the same tactics that hypnotists use to make changes in their clients. At least with hypnotists you know that you are being hypnotized to make changes whereas in church they pretend that its a message from god.

abyers1970 Level 4 Mar 14, 2019

Glad you are out of religion but why are you calling me a piece of shit?

mordant Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

Good for you. I hope you enjoy your journey of enlightenment.

freedom41 Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

Welcome to the light side

motrubl4u Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

Glads you share real human also grammer no needed

RodLisht Level 4 Mar 13, 2019

Welcome. I was in my early 60's before I came out of religion to find this freedom and I can never go back to belief in gods again.

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 13, 2019



Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

What wrong with helping widows and orphans?

Antifred Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

James is one of the few decent books in the Bible. But many Christians focus more on the unsavory verses.


Welcome to your freedom site😊

Boomtarat03 Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

Thank you


Welcome Simo,congratulations on becoming a real human,lol .Seriously, enjoy the site.

actofdog Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

They aren't worth being actually hated, the point is to see through the artificial control that religion represents. In a more primitive time humans had no way to justify authority in their society so religion was created to justify a hierarchy of authority that led to feudalism. Nobility was divinely sanctioned, they even had a concept called divine right monarchy to justify the entitled eliete class. Unbelievably this same logic is being used now to justify the worst American presidential administration in American history since the advent of public education. That is what religion does to people that are ignorant of how much of their culture is arbitrarily stacked against them by authoritarianism. The only power that Donald Trump possesses is the undying loyalty of people that honestly believe that God put him in office, while rejecting the idea that Obama was put into office by the same God. Pay close attention to those that come in the name of God and support a political figure, they are illusionist and control vast resources. This sounds paranoid but look how big they are and marval at all their diverse forms, from the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, the CEO class of nobility in America, Fox News, Televangelist, Mega Churches. That is what stands upon us, that is what it's all for, the preservation of power.
It all needs to burn.

Novelty Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

Joined a while ago and loving this site. This comment is not quite different from my world view and I can't say how much I struggle to find like minded people around me.


Welcome to the REAL world of Reason, Logic, Facts, Sciences, Heretics, Heathens, Pagans, Devil's Pawns, etc, etc, where free-thinkers live and superstitions are ridiculed.

Triphid Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

Religion is a good thing to get away from...
(Wacky sentence, but I think it's understood!)

Rustee Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

Congrats, @Yabani83 , it's never to late to get total freedom!

Merseyman1 Level 7 Mar 12, 2019
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