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I'm in facebook jail not allowed to make any posts so I'll leave this here “Socialism and nationalism are mutually exclusive. The revolutionary task of expropriating the wealth of the rich and placing the world’s productive forces at the disposal of the working class can be completed only by abolishing borders and bringing the world’s political map into harmony with the international character of the process of production.

Under socialism, the working class will have both the material resources and the legal right to travel anywhere in the world free from harassment, detention or deportation. It is necessary to unite workers of all races and nationalities in a common international struggle for socialist revolution.”

Ian-Duggan 7 Mar 13

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It sounds very idealistic, maybe too much. I lived in a country were the ruler expropriated the wealth of the rich and placed in the hands of the working class: in ten years every agricultural and industrial complex went broke...


Most socialist countries I know did not allow their citizens to travel anywhere. In some of them people were shot if they tried to get out of the workers' paradise...

Funny that, because I don't know of any socialist/communist country on this planet

@Ian-Duggan There wa s a country called "Deutsche Demokratische Republik" (DDR / GDR), it called itself socialist, and I know it existed because I made first-hand experiences with its variety of "socialism"


To be fair, Trotsky said it first, but Uncle Joe saw Imperialist interference and an attempt to reintroduce Capitalism into the Soviet Union together with the removal of an autocratic totalitarian leadership.... Bollocks, I've spent enough time at college today writing about Stalinist communism and how true socialism cannot work, but liberal socialist policies similar to Barkarin's did. ReKulakisation I say!


It sounds like such a utopian vison to think of a world without borders, without national identity, without language barriers and cultural misunderstandings. To be an Earthling, rather than to identify with the country of our birth or the class status of our parents. to put this into practice is an entirely different discussion.


Do you know anything about 20th Century World History?

That was tried.
It was a disaster.
Millions starved.
Millions were murdered.

Why don't we bring back smallpox and the bubonic plague too?

BD66 Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

But that was before the advent of mass communication and the possibility of the free exchange of ideas and knowledge that we have in today's world. We are all so much more interconnected than people of previous generations.

@mojo5501 Socialism failed in Russia in 1917. Socialism is failing today in Venezuela in 2019. It's a horrible idea at any age at any time.

@BD66 Venezuala doesn't prove anything about socialism. It just proves that it failed in those particular conditions. It is thriving in other contexts. So the idea isn't failing in all places. When authoritarian regimes come in....that's the problem It works under democratic leadership in many countries around the globe.

@mojo5501 Conditions:

Tremendous oil reserves per capita.
Fantastic climate for growing all sort of agricultural crops.

Socialism always fails.

Then the people in power want to stay in power, so they become authoritarian.

Happens over and over again. Every single time.

@BD66 So far it depends on the socialism. Strictly speaking, most of the world is socialist to varying degrees.

@BD66, @mojo5501 Venezuala recently follwed Machiavellis prediction of collapse of government. It's in the anarchy stage at the moment.

@mojo5501, @BD66 It was a failure of fuedalism in 1917 followed by a Liberal democracy which in then was overthrown by Bolshevic revolution. Then civil war, the failure of War Communism replaced by Leninist/Barkarin reKulakisation and socialist success until Stalin stepped in following the demise of Lenin. Stalinist communism survived a NAZI invasion with help for liberal socialist governments and their capitalist economies. Russian socialism survived until the late 1980s. Maoist socialism has the second largest economy in the world having evolved into something more liberal. Even the USA is socialist, its citizens just need to understand they can go further to improve their lives by overthrowing their oppressors the Republicans.

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