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Climate striker Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel peace prize. Link---> []

CaroleKay 8 Mar 14

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Really? All the people actually working to do something and a child gets nominated for suggesting a Union tactic? One she got from David Hogg and the Parkland kids? I’m all for the strike, though schools will shut it down, because of the publicity but it’s not going to change a single deniar’s mind.

Oh jeebus! Learn to spell already. You have just proven that these kids are smarter than you! in obviously more ways than one. lmao!

How do you know where she got the idea? Are you too clueless to recognize that this is a call to action and not a persuasive argument intended to change the mind of climate change deniers?


I feel she very well deserves it and then some. People just are too locked in to their selfish lifestyles to actually grasp the reality of what she is saying. The ones who profit from the very things that's exacerbating climate change should be held in account by the ICC!


She deserves it...


jokes aside, This girl has every right to act upon the fact that her future is in dire jeopardy. It's true, governments are not acting like the house is on fire. Her generation will not be kind to all previous generations if climate change is faster and gets worst than predicted. Climate change will crystallize that generation into asking very uncomfortable questions, protesting and ousting many powerful people.


Like I alluded on my post (with modification here), too bad 45 can't be nominated now that they are naming children to the Peace Prize since he's a toddler.



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