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Organized Religion has unleashed exceedingly more evil in the history of mankind.

  1. Fanaticism
  2. Sex abuse
  3. Killing, torturing, burning of innocent
  4. Fake miracles
  5. Brainwashing, fooling, misleading of people
  6. Lying
  7. Denying truth and science
  8. Persecuting truth tellers
  9. Exploitation of all kinds
  10. Living in wealth at others' expense
  11. Spreading hatred
  12. Developing cults

How many years do you think it will take for this evil to diminish to non-influence, non-issue in years ahead?

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By St-Sinner7
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Afraid it might never fully die off. Human society is just too ingrained in religious clutches. Every time we thought it will die off it just rebounds back into the mainstream. But we still got to keep trying to spread truth and progress until it is no longer taken seriously.


In the UK within three more generations, (assuming civilisation survives) religion has less and less hold on the young fewer and few younger people are going to church or taking doctrine seriously (thank god, or rather don't) tolerance is becoming more socially acceptable.
Church attendance in the UK can be numbered in the very low millions and the majority of those are over sixty.
Only money is keeping the major institutions afloat.

Agree with that.


More like a thousand years for religion generally to be marginalized into irrelevance. Perhaps a hundred years will do for Christian fundamentalism though.

mordant Level 8 Mar 14, 2019

And capitalism was supposed to collapse 100 years ago...
Wishful thinking.


The famous Milgram experiment, I saw a movie version of it in Psych 101. People are asked by an authority to do something, tasks that push their moral boundaries. [] (It's a fake experiment. No one actually does any harm.) Few subjects stop the experiment to say, "No, I won't do that."

I think this also explains religion. People often use religion as an excuse for cruel behavior, but, to a great extent, the responsibility needs to be on them.

Deiter Level 7 Mar 14, 2019

No the Milgram experiment does not explain religion.
People have used and can use anything to excuse and justify cruel behavior


Some religions are worse than others. Islam is by far the worst "religion" (in reality a political ideology).

PBuck0145 Level 7 Mar 14, 2019

Hmm sounds a lot like Socialism.


Sadly, as long as there are people who firmly believe in their religion, they will manage to pass it on to future generations. I would dearly love religions to cease to exist, but as long as there are unsure, tentative, and-or doubting (in their own strength and abilities) people, there will be religion to fill in those empty spots in so many lives. Religion offers comfort to people for myriad reasons. Not everyone WANTS to have a fact-filled life...

Rustee Level 7 Mar 14, 2019

Somethings to take into consideration: population control of the human Animal.

Peoole are at the top of the food chain so it is tgat being on top of the food chain that the only major predictor of people is people. For sure, other things, disease, natural disasters contribute to population control. China has been known to not allow biblical text into country, they have laws limiting families to only one child because of over population. Consider that biblical text has a history of population control while alse giving news media some "salty" storylines with flavor to cover. There are a lot of people that get their jollies off of viewing such news drama. Then to there are thosr people who like, enjoy and get their jollies from "pointing fingers". An example if such "finger pointing" can be seen how illogical atheist are cynical especially towards people worshiping the likes of Harry Potter god, willy Wanka god, or even those that still worship old fashion god thingies from 1000s of years ago. So long as there is reproducing intellegent capable people on top of food chain animals there would be need for something to keep populations in check. Worse case scenario could be that people over populate and devier all avaliable food sources and become cannibals to feed themselves. Zombie apocalypse type reality? 500, 5000, or 50,000 years from now what could Earth population be if there were not some equilibrium population control factors?

Antifred Level 7 Mar 14, 2019

Sounds like any day in the life of human kind regardless of religion.


None of these things (#4 might be the only exception) are mutually exclusive to religion. All of these things predated every form of organized religion. Why (not when) do you think Hunan kind will ever move past this?


Great memes! smile001.gif


Religion will never relinquish it's hold on humanity.
Too many weak-minded people feel that they "need" it, and there will ALWAYS
be people more than willing to exploit that to their own advantage.
That is human nature.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 14, 2019

I win I voted never.

Me, too!

Here’s your prize ?. Congratulations ??????

You are not kidding there


Question 1 : "more evil" than what... ?
Question 2 : How do you measure "evil" ?

Matias Level 7 Mar 14, 2019

Evil - = injustice, pain, harm, killing to begin with. Is evil comparative? Should any evil be justified by comparison?

@Tiramisu That is sloppy thinking.
You do not answer my questions. I asked you how you measure evil (not how to define it.)
If you use the word "more" you should be able to indicate the other part of the comparison. (unlike the word "most", which can stand alone, without comparison)
If I wrote something like "Hollywood unleashed exceedingly more beauty..." you would ask: More beauty than what?

@Matias I don't take a nerdish, academic approach to analysis of an issue and don't like to mince words. I look at real effects people see and feel and point out for discussion. It is my opinion that the religions have unleashed massive pain, tragedy, sorrow, suffering on humans and animals that is unmatched by wars and other atrocities in the history of mankind. A lot of suffering has been unleashed by religions including the following. Add today's indiscriminate murders in New Zealand again in the name of religion.

  1. The Christian crusades
  2. Jihads
  3. The Holocaust
  4. The Inquisition
  5. Muslim Conquests (622 to 1924)
  6. The genocides of Native Americans
  7. Ku Kux Klan murders
  8. Armenian Genocide
  9. Ethnic cleansing in Kashmir
  10. Ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Serbia
  11. Witch Hunt and Wiccan murders
  12. Biblical sanction of murders and harassment of homosexuals
  13. Teotihuacan human sacrifices of children and eating their flesh to please the Rain God
  14. Mayan human sacrifices to please gods
  15. Inca human sacrifices to please gods
  16. Aztec human sacrifices
  17. Thugee sacrifices to Goddess Kali in India
  18. ISIS beheading and other killing
  19. India and Pakistan Partition (Hindu & Muslims) 1947
  20. 2002 mass Godhra Gujarat murders of burning Muslims alive by Modi government
  21. Nic Diederichs Technical High School Slashing
  22. Mahmud of Ghazni, the slaughter at the Somnath temple
  23. Cossack Cromwell massacres in Ukraine
  24. Christianization of Scandinavia
  25. Anabaptists siege of Munster, Germany.

Best guess would be a bit more than 500 years. Dumb people are breeding faster just like in the movie, Idiocracy.


I say 200 because by then we’ll all be dead and it won’t matter. But just in case I’m wrong then it’ll never go away.
It’s purely a creation of man in order to control the masses and to reap personal benefits.

So it might change its titles and messages but the intent will always be there because as humans we have a driving desire to dominate and fuck each other over by any means and at any given opportunity.

48thRonin Level 8 Mar 14, 2019

I would like to think we can change but I do not see humans as they are now letting go of religion until we can let go of fear of the other. Its a vicious loop. Even within this community you have people who profess hatred against all people of any religious creed in chosen ignorance of the fact that like all human constructs it is a sea of gray. That fear/hatred/rejection of the other; the person you do not know yet profess to know enough to hold in contempt, to hate. This is not unique to religion. We all have in our reptile brains a tendency towards it. It is a survival mechanism twisted in our hubris into a tool of horror. Hitler used it, Trump uses it, we teach it too our kids when we teach them stranger danger. And yes religions use it twist faith and hope into judgment and stupid anger. I think the better question is what can replace it for people who through lack of time/education or opportunity cling to it. I do not think Atheism can fill that void. Far too many humans want/need to be told what to do.

Quarm Level 6 Mar 14, 2019

a sort of state atheism did fill that void in the Iron Curtain countries though for several generations in some cases - so perhaps there could be an enlightened form in the future? Or as many people actually do, replace religion with pick-and-mix New Age stuff - shame it's not scientific. Now a creed of international science... for the betterment of humankind?

@Allamanda I would love to see that. Though in the iron curtain the Russian Orthodox Church still persisted on the local/individual level. I think many Americans and westerners take for granted the luxury they have in time and freedom of choice. It is comforting to believe in something as grand and lovely as God and Jesus when your reality is Soviet Era Communism or a similar life. I think it is not the elimination of religion that should be the goal rather its removal as a source of secular power and influence. I feel one of the greatest blocks to that is not the faithful but those willing to use religion as a tool to manipulate them for power.

@Quarm not all of the Iron Curtain had been Russian Orthodox, and not all were sorry to be out from under churches! But yes there's been a resurgence of religion since - sort of teenage rebellion thing? However one has the impression it's a more European style of 'faith' with value placed on history and tradition, certainly not on literal interpretation! - I couldn't agree more re the morbid influence, and the manipulators.

@Allamanda Yes! That is something American Christians have really gone crazy about is not separating personal faith from well everything else save through their actions morally. Its like they can't just let it be and carry on they have to let it all hang out! Makes me miss Polytheism were there were hundreds of little gods for everything. And they were so very human. Seems more honest to me.

@Quarm to me also. I can't imagine a pantheist would be able to murder someone over not believing in his particular magic tree or rock! And then the similarities with a Gaian type sense of the earth as an entity (to which we have a responsibility, rather than a duty to exploit)....

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