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So, l work with this 23 year old virgin Mormon kid, and l was asking him why he hasn't had sex yet. He was pretty evasive, and then he told me that he knows Mormon couples that go to Vegas, get married, have sex for a week, and then go back home to Idaho and get an annulment. All to stay on the good side of their god. Has anybody else heard of this phenomenon?

Jacknonmo 3 Mar 18

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It was explained to me that Muslims do the same. Apparently, Islamic marriage contracts are fairly common.


Sounds like a pretty weird kink, but then again, we're talking Mormons...


No, but it sounds like it fits with the other crazy crap religion makes people do.


You ask a work colleague about their sex life? How strange. I think that would find us down the road


Similar things. I've meet many in psych groups with multiple kids from multiple partners. Not uncommon.


I've gone to some extreme lengths trying to get laid, but holy fuck. (Pun intended.)

JimG Level 8 Mar 18, 2019

Then there is God's Little Loophole because the big guy doesn't have time to read all the fine print and that give the believers a bit of wiggle room. 🙂

This is so fucking hilarious. It could also serve as an alter boy song.


That is just sad..

Varn Level 8 Mar 18, 2019

No idea, but it wouldn't surprise me. To paraphrase Jurassic Park, "sex finds a way".


Amazing what people will do when they are rule oriented instead of principle oriented. There is always a way around rules.

skado Level 8 Mar 18, 2019
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