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Do you think it's ok for people to judge European Americans based solely on their race?

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tkcoy 6 Mar 19

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I think the pole represents a false dichotomy. Only a bigot or a troll would agree with the first statement however I think anybody I know has pretty much said of the second. And maybe the point this post is pointing how people morally justify their hate or not, anyway, to follow up; how do we treat each other better as to realistically shift the paradigm?

@tkcoy yeah definitely don't have any solid answers. I have some half cooked ideas; education, eugenics, service.
Though I think it's basically a personal & idividual choice to treat people better,
despite how they act.
It's just not something you can mandate.
I try to use every interaction with another human being to create a positive impact. it's not always pleasant but after all the plural form of anecdote is data..
Aside from that I think a massive space Alien Invasion might unify the humans.


In other words, are you a racist?

@tkcoy , It racist when you discriminate against any race, religion or color.

@tkcoy , Did you do something to provoke hate?


Within the USA non-Europeans suffer detrimental bias based upon race.
Now I can argue that there is only one race, the human race. We are far more similar than different, but we humans do have external markers of colour. This affects our eyes, hair and skin, then we have differing shapes too.
Racism has existed for all of recorded history, and likely much, much longer. During the nineteenth century white European scientists began to categorise people by race. At the time, it appeared to be logical and scientific. The eugenics movement began in the UK and rapidly caught on in Germany and the USA where it remained popular beyond WWII. Only with the rise of the Civil Rights movement did it finally begin to be debunked. However, the ideas still remain entrenched with some fuckwits.
In a weeks time, I will be writing a short sociology paper on the subject of racism in the UK.

@tkcoy No, never judge soley on race or even as a contributing factor. Certainly, white European Americans have judged others by colour and culture, but to repeat the crime is to make it worse.

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