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Anyone ever seen a level 10 member? Just wondering. I don't remember ever seeing anyone above 8.

towkneed 7 Mar 20

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nope, not yet- 9's so far


Rumour has it that Level 10 members ascend to a higher dimension and no longer interact with the physical universe.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 20, 2019

I don't remember seeing any 10 members, but I have seen a few 9 members.


I know at least a 9 that commonly posts in my groups!


There are no level 10 members yet - if you look at this page you can see the level 9 members: []

phxbillcee is most likely to make Level 10 first. In case you are keeping score. 😉


Yeah. There are quite a few 9s now. There is one level 10


@Closeted A guy...can't remember the name

@Amisja that's some achievement.

@Closeted @Amisja Not yet. This is the current listing: []

You better let admin know about this mythical level 10 member. Or, more fake news, perhaps??

@Closeted I must be mistaken, I was sure someone announced it. Maybe I dreamt it!

@CallMeDave Oh thats the man. I was in error. I have had 30 mins sleep. Errors happen!

@Amisja 30 minutes? Geez how are you even here and typing.

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