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Why do people believe in God?

Ilovefood 4 Mar 21

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you said it. A smart mom.


Very well said.


FACT: noise on the grass
possibilities: Tiger or wind
Decisions, run or not
You do not run and it is wind, you saved energy
You ran and was wind, you wasted energy
You run and it was a tiger, you saved your self
You stay and was a tiger, you are dead.

This makes gods being created by recognition of false padrons that are less dangerous of no recognition of real padrons.

They stay and multiply its believers because the arbitrary rules of one religion generate more efficient and stable societies than the religion of the neighbor village, so the village with the "true god" grows and overtake the territory and resources of the others around.

But now we can solve this problems over science and statistics, so they are just like the cartoon said, emotional support.


Completely nailed that one!!


I think we’re naturally wired for it. We instinctively anthropomorphize objects and organisms around us, we reflexively see agency, we’re already wired deeply for a parent-child relationship, uncertainty causes us to feel uneasy, and we love us some stories to wrap it all up. We love feeling special and that our suffering has meaning. Our brains, especially the subconscious, is ready-made to believe in gods. I think this best explains naturally why all societies that we know about had some kind of god.

Acree Level 4 Mar 21, 2019

I don't think a majority of religious people do actually believe in god at all.
They believe religion is a part of society
They believe their allegiance to their particular "god club" demands loyalty in the same way they follow a football team or become a football hooligan.
In the case of Christianity they believe they can get away with a lot more as a Christian than they would be able to as a Jew or Muslim, so fear restrictive "other" religions.
They believe fellow god botherers of the same ilk will think less of them if they cease to publicly profess belief
They believe that you don't have to pray, attend church, follow doctrines or read a holy book to be a believer you just have to say you believe.

But actually believing in god, the devil, angels, not masturbating, being nice to one another, being generous or kind.
They don't actually believe any of that, because if they are honest they know as well as we do it is all fucking mental.


Believing in God is cheaper than drugs. At least until the televangelists get wind of you.

godef Level 7 Mar 21, 2019

Some people need a crutch to lean, because life is harsh to cope with.


Because they can not stomach reality.


Werent most taught to believe in God by their parents?

gater Level 7 Mar 21, 2019

Exactly. Indoctrination and brainwashing from a very early age and re-enforced by tribal mentality.

@jlynn37 My point being that in many cases you can't blame people for what they believe.

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