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Equating Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Adolf Hitler.

The Loony Tunes extreme right-wingers have likened America’s pre-Trump era to Nazi Germany as I have already posted. But somewhat, indeed closely related, they have likened President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders too to Hitler. Of course that’s absurd, even if you’re not a fan of Obama, Clinton and/or Sanders. Anyway, here are the relevant headlines from the “Right Wing Watch” website that correspond to their actual stories.

Obama v Hitler

*The Right Targets Barack and Michelle Obama – Hitlers in Waiting? – Posted 22 February 2008

*Defending the Obama-Hitler Comparisons. – Posted 3 December 2008

*Obama Worse than Hitler and Ahmadinejad. – Posted 2 July 2009

*[Bryan] Fischer Compares Obama to Hitler, Claims Government is ‘No Different’ from Nazi Germany. – Posted 15 February 2012

*Bishop [Daniel Jenky] Compares Obama to Hitler and Stalin. – Posted 17 April 2012

*Anti-Defamation League Says Bishop [Daniel Jenky] who Likened Obama to Hitler ‘Needs a History Lesson’. – Posted 19 April 2012

*Randall Terry Rushes to the Defense of Bishop [Daniel Jenky] who Likened Obama to Hitler. – Posted 26 April 2012

*Steve Strang Tells Christians to Fear Obama, Compares Him to Hitler. – Posted 2 October 2012

*[William] Murray: Obama Channeling Hitler and Creating ‘Unholy Alliances with Evil’. – Posted 5 December 2012

*[Bryan] Fischer on Praying for Adolf Hitler and President Obama. – Posted 15 April 2013

*[Larry] Klayman: Obama a ‘Hitler-Like Figure’ Who Is ‘Even More of a Dangerous Tyrant than King George III’. – Posted 29 July 2013

*WND [World Net Daily]: ‘Hitler Would Be Pleased’ With Obama. – Posted 4 November 2013

*Bradlee Dean: Obama, Like Hitler & Mao, Is Trying To ‘Stupefy’ America. – Posted 6 December 2013

*WND [World Net Daily] Investigates: Is Obama A Communist or a Nazi? – Posted 9 December 2013

*[Sandy] Rios: Obama Is Just Like Hitler & Mao. – Posted 8 January 2014

*WND [World Net Daily]: Obama Paving the Way for a New Holocaust. – Posted 9 April 2014

*Don Feder: Stalin, Hitler, Capone & Lansky Are Obama’s ‘Ideological Soul Mates’. – Posted 5 May 2014

*Ben Carson: To Know Obama, Read ‘Mein Kampf’. – Posted 9 September 2014

*[Michael] Savage Likens Obama to Hitler over Immigration Executive Action. – Posted 21 November 2014

*Alan Keyes: Obama Will Become America’s Hitler, Destroy Country like the Twin Towers. – Posted 11 December 2014

*Far-Right Radio Host [Rick Wiles]: Obama Is ‘Demon-Possessed’ and ‘Adolf Hitler Reincarnated’. – Posted 11 March 2015

*Alan Keyes: Obama Is a Serial Killer in the Mold of Hitler and Stalin. – Posted 15 May 2015

*Larry Pratt: Obama Follows in Hitler’s Footsteps, Creating a Race War to Take Away Our Guns. – Posted 26 May 2015

*[Michael] Savage: Obama Paving Way for a Ban on Dogs, Acting Like Hitler on Gay Rights. – Posted 28 July 2015

*Michael Savage: Obama Acting like Hitler, But Attacking White Men. – Posted 27 October 2015

*Rick Wiles: Obama Is ‘The Adolf Hitler of the Third World War’. – Posted 25 November 2015

*Larry Pratt: Obama Has the Same Objective as Hitler. – Posted 3 November 2016

Hillary Clinton v Hitler

*Ted Nugent Compares Hillary Clinton to Hitler Based On Fake Quotes. – Posted 23 February 2016

*Dennis Prager Will Support Trump Over [Hillary] Clinton Because Sometimes ‘Mature People’ Have To Support A Stalin to Defeat A Hitler. – Posted 25 May 2016

Bernie Sanders v Hitler

*Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Supporters like Nazis Clamoring for Adolf Hitler. – Posted 5 February 2016

*Jim Bakker: Bernie Sanders Is Our Adolf Hitler. – Posted 21 March 2016

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It is just fake news to throw angry people off balance rather than concentrating on the Nationalist and racist policies of the far right.

Exactly. None of this compares to Agolf Twittler.


Bloody hell, fuckwits abound!

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