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Many here might look at this and say "That's why I am agnostic/atheist" or whatever. But I don't think this would actually change anyone's mind. This does demonstrate why religion is bad. I'm always told by believers that without religion or the fear of hell everyone would behave badly. Obviously, as is the case here, sometimes religion is the vehicle that people use to do bad things. What do you think?
U.S.’s Biggest Christian Charity Reportedly Channeled $56.1 Million to Purported Hate Groups

CK-One 6 Mar 22

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History is full of people behaving badly in the name of their gods. All religions hate or look down their noses at people who are not like them. It is the primitive tribal element that still exists in man.


Believing that this demonstrates why religion is bad is not scientific thinking. All this demonstrates is that people who consider themselves religious are as capable as any other human of doing bad things. It’s exactly and precisely the same as a Christian claiming that a person who committed a crime did so because he was not a Christian. We wouldn’t believe that would we?

Also, the NCF is not a religious institution. It’s just a non-profit corporation, one of the founders of which happens to claim he is a Christian, all the while living a very un-christ-like life.

Otherizing is when we compare the worst examples of the out-group to the best examples of our in-group, and then claim that demonstrates the badness of the out-group. Many people who self-identify as “religious” play that same game. It just makes “us” and “them” identical if we do it too.

skado Level 9 Mar 22, 2019

My argument from above is simplified. This is just one example of a religious organization that uses religious values to do bad things. Pedophiles, thieves and tyrants have used religious institutions to further terrible agendas. I guess that here I assume that we are aware of so many previous examples. This is just another example.

I just don't see what it has to do with religion. Pedophiles, thieves and tyrants hide in government and business, and in every other kind of institution and do bad things too. This particular institution has no connection to any religious organization. It's just a private corporation that chose to put the word "Christian" in its name. That's not religion, by any definition. I could start a 501 C and call it "Jesus' Whorehouse" but that wouldn't make it a religious organization. People of all philosophical persuasions do bad things. This is not an example of "religion" doing anything at all. It's just deluded people doing corrupt things in the name of a religion that tells them not to do those things.


All religions are an "US v Them" mindset and that is just how they function and what they do.

That’s how “they” function, but not “us”, right? 🙂

@skado I would say that ALL "us v them" mindset works that way.


Well, they're ALL hypocrites, so...

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