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A little something for the Brits..

Charlene 9 Mar 22

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the flacid member is truly representative of what is left of the brit empire. the parasitic royalty/aristocracy has sucked the lifeblood out of the british people & now the corpse is dry.

And not just the British People but everyone it has ever conquered and 'ruled' over in my opinion.
The heads of the Pommie Parasitic Hydra are still functioning and breeding even more of its kind with tedious regularity.
Like leeches, it will continue to suck and gorge itself until, like India when Gandhi was a live, WE stand up and say " No more, You WILL no longer feed on us, We will be free from you once and for ALL time."
Stand up Peoples under the Commonwealth (Commonwealth, what a bloody massive misnomer and a joke that word is) Jackboot, claim that which IS your right, Your Freedom, Your Independence.


Priceless, just priceless.


I've given up, it seems we have climbed aboard the lemming express at the insistence of a bunch of morons who think India is in Europe and that leaving will make all the nasty brown people go away, and instead of changing the points the government seem determined to go full speed ahead in the suicide pact of the century, because to not do so might lose them the next election, by a larger margin than doing so will, even though all the voters will be dead, dieing, starving or will be ready to chop off their stupid governmental heads.
I have never seen so called intelligent people behave in such a stupid manner in all my life, I keep praying to the god I do not believe in that I will wake up and find this was just a dream about a bad comedy film I saw while eating a bucket of cheese and LSD


It would seem that Poms ( Brits) still cling vainly to the idea that the "Sun never sets on the British Empire" and " Britannia Rules the Waves."
Wake up Poms, you jumped, with great gusto, feet first into the E.U., you ARE a peoples living on a small island surrounded by a BIG, WIDE, World, a world in which you no longer have the final say, get a frigging life, build a bloody bridge and get over it.


Yes it's a bit of a cock up

A Bit?



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