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How have you seen movies get space wrong?

I am by no means a scientist but I know enough about space to tell that movies often get it wrong for dramatic effect. I have a few to share but I want to see what others will come up with.

Snake91 4 Mar 23

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I was just watching the latest episode of The Orville (entertaining) and realized that there was no blue shift in the stars that were flashing past when they were in hyperdrive (FTL).


The way vehicles, especially small ones, are able to turn on a dime as though they were flying in an atmosphere. Even if it was possible somehow, the energy demands would be enormously high, far more than the energy required to propel the thing, by orders of magnitude. In something the size of a Spitfire? I think not. But I’m happy to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the movie. It’s an entertainment at the end of the day.


For the most part, I just enjoy the movies for what they are, inaccuracies and all. Probably the most common inaccuracy is sound in space. Think of Star Wars Tie fighters and X-Wings fighting a battle in space. It's fun so I go with it.
I do enjoy it, however, when a show tries get it right. But then inaccuracies in those shows can really grate on my nerves. Think of the film "Gravity" & when he was being effectively blown off of the space station. That was driving me nuts!
"The Expanse" is one show I really liked because they try very hard get it right. With no energy shields, warp drive, teleporters, artificial gravity or any number of other things they have work through things in a more realistic manner. They also take into consideration things like debris fields from an explosion. In reality those would be insanely dangerous and they take that into account. I can't wait for season 4 to come out.


Space movies are a projection of ourselves. Little to do with real space.

Bangs and explosive sounds in space. No
Sounds of spaceships whizzing by. No
Massive acceleration and deceleration, no impact. No
Planets of people who all look the same, speak a single language, all believe a single culture, have the same skin tone, and wear the same clothes. Just like here on Earth, where we Earthians all speak an Earthian language, have a single Earthian culture, follow a single Earthian leader, and wear Earthian clothes. Oh, wait a minute, maybe not.


I think my all time favorite space movie would be interstellar, even though Matthew McConaughey goes to the 4th dimension in the black hole.


And all the war/ surveillance technology they use in if they are super efficient, accurate and reliable.
Keep dreaming.


Spaceballs got it all wrong.

I love that movie!


All to often, but it's a movie.

I can enjoy space movies for what they are, I just enjoy picking out the things that are not correctly depicted. It doesn't make me respect or enjoy the movie any less.


Space crafts banking when they turn around.

godef Level 7 Mar 23, 2019

I recall the old Star trek TV shows. When the Enterprise entered "warp drive" the stars went flashing past


One cannot hear noise in space. No atmosphere to propagate soundwaves.

It can, but it’s very very quiet.

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