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In the interests of truth in advertising I've changed my avatar to one which was taken this morning rather than 5 years ago.

Hellbent 7 Mar 3

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Very nice to see you 🙂


Handsome as ever, Hellbent!
Personally, I wish people would use an easily recognizable, graphic image of any age, and stick with it for ease of identifying who’s saying what in the comments. The honesty could be in the fine print (other photos) like in REAL advertising! 🙂

skado Level 8 Mar 3, 2018

It is appreciated.


I don't have many pics from years ago as I loathe having my picture taken, so I took a selfie the night I joined and used that. I like your new avatar!


Why do people use old pics anyway??


Go to hell is out. Fuck off is in.


i like this better

@Hellbent it looks like the you in real life!


I use photos with a 45 years time span... so I don't feel guilty and you are Okay... I rotate every couple weeks. They are all in the profile... so it is full disclosure.


Good for you! And nice photo!

@Hellbent lol My friends call me Adele. And I'm the original!


Mine is me in the future. yeah that's right, I'm a time traveler.


New rule: if you're interested in meeting the opposite sex you must have two recent pictures. A face and a head to toe shot.
@admin make that happen.
Hellbent, good one.

Might as well as a background check, credit score check, blood test, and 3 letters of recommendation. 🙂


First I could not tell the difference, but I see now: you are wearing a hoodie! Dashing!


I think that this new picture shows a more real you. Not posed. But your formal one wasn’t bad either. 🙂


Well done, I hate pics of me, so I won't be following.

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