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End protection welfare!

Abolish all government military and police forces! They must all be turned into private companies or else disbanded.

  • Let the market decide. If soldiers' and cops' services have any value, people will hire them, or else people will become vigilantes. Government coercion is unnecessary.
  • Government protection is one-size-fits-all. Vigilantism, hired guards, and mercenaries can be adjusted to individuals' protection needs and desires, while government protection cannot.
  • Government involvement in protection crowds out private investment in protection solutions, solutions that will invariably be superior to government ones.
  • People who refuse to protect themselves deserve to be conquered and beaten up and stolen from and extorted from and raped and enslaved and murdered and whatever other crimes that they might suffer. Protection laziness ought to have consequences, and government protection protects people from the consequences of their actions.
  • Crime victims are really crime enablers, and they deserve to suffer the consequences of their crime enabling.
  • The cult of crime victimhood should be recognized for it is: a part of the cult of victimhood, a very popular way for people to try to evade responsibility for their actions.
  • Self-protectors should not have to protect non-self-protectors by the government stealing from them to do so. Government protection is governments robbing Peter to protect Paul.
  • Individuals are much better at protecting themselves than governments. Therefore, government protection is unnecessary and people should not be stolen from to pay for it.
  • Advocates of government military and police forces are very condescending with their insinuation that people have no agency, that they are incapable of protecting themselves.
  • If there are any people who are not capable of protecting themselves, then private charities like vigilantes will do much better at protecting them than governments.
lpetrich 5 Mar 24

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Silly and badly done.


Sounds like Trump has a new Ten-Point Program!


Already tried that in the United States at the turn of the 19th century. It was a miserable failure, and the very reason we have socialized fire departments and other socialized services today.


I should have stated that I intended this as satire. 😟😟😟 I wanted take common right-libertarian arguments and apply them right-libertarians' favorite parts of government.


Someone has been chewing in Ayn Rand and is a bit bunged up.


I guess its choosing survival of the fittest over social responsibility.

i was never healthy enough to choose the former. Now I'm too old.


As a family member of a murder victim, your comments on crime offend me on a visceral level. My nephew enabled no one.


A libertarian is someone who advocates total privatization until their house catches fire and they realize their fire protection bill wasn't paid that month.

I think you’re confusing libertarians with plutocrats. But that’s ok. Some libertarians confuse being libertarian with being a plutocrat. Libertarians are no more supportive of private interests circumventing the will of the people than they are politicians.


makes even me seem mainstream/normal. sadly, as ridiculous as his proposals seem they aren't totally out of the realm of possibility, imo.
just look at the privatized prison system in the US. is it any wonder that the # of prisoners went up substantially & the US has by far the highest rate of incarceration in the world?
i kinda suspect he's just having fun with us.


Sounds like a libertarian philosophy.




An irrational rant if I ever heard one. Another Libertarian fool who thinks they are an island.




Oh great, someone who should move to Somalia so they can see firsthand how their socio-economic system really fails.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 24, 2019

yes, or Haiti. Is it possible to be so clueless and so insensitive to the needs of elderly, small, handicapped, children etc.?

@Allamanda apparently it is. If they can't be self sufficient 24/7 they're just not worth anything.

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