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My first time on this site and I am really confused. All my life I have been going to church and believing in God. But now I am not so sure.

llinenboy 3 Mar 3

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welcome we can fix you


Anybody who tells you that they know the answers is lying to you.


Welcome llinenboy. It's alright to be confused. Not everything will make sense. Almost all of us went through this too, we understand. Any questions we can try to answer, to help you, but in the end what you do and don't believe is completely up to you. I hope you find your truth here.


Hi! Well the first thing is I would say we're not here to tell you what to think or believe. It sounds like you've had enough of that already haha. Hopefully we can just help you reason things out and find a comfortable balance for you, whether its belief, nonbelief or something in between. Plus people here seem pretty neat and just willing to talk about daily stuff too. Welcome!


I commend you for your courage to come this far. It takes courage to actually have confidence in your own intellect instead of blindly submitting to the herd mentality...spouting the illogical concept of an invisible nonsensical authority.
Hope you have the courage to eventually take more where the confusion dissipates.


You're among friends here; we've been through the uncertainty so there's a lot of support to be had. When you're up for it, share your story...



Sorry if I replied to much but it seems you all are caring people and I am 67. I just want to get it right before I pass on. You never know when it is time I just would like to get it right and go in peace.


Thank you I am tired of the bs now I want time to reajust before I pass on. One of the biggest problems is the life after death. How do you shake that and worry about other factors you were told to believe in. This is a struggle.


I thank you for your support I have the courage. But it seems almost an up stream battle in both ways.


Welcome. Confusion is a sure sign of an open mind; raise the windows and let the breeze in, breathe. all is well IMO.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 3, 2018


twill Level 7 Mar 3, 2018

I look at it this way.
How old is the universe?
If it is 6000 years old, maybe the bible has some truth.
Who was there to record Genesis?

Probably their producer. Great band.

@SingTheGuitar In this business that would be both. 🙂


welcome to the site. you will see dicussions here that may help claify some things for you.


No one on here will try try persuade you what to think.

Believe what you want to believe.

I think that's the point.

Oh, and welcome. I'd give you a hug but you are a bloke and I'm not that way inclined - but have a virtual hug anyway.

Friendly advice: Try not to let cultural bs rule you - male-on-male affection is perfectly acceptable and normal, and needs to be more commonplace.


Welcome along, Ask any questions you want, there's plenty of knowledge and clear thinking on here 🙂


I think you,ll like this site.......for the most part the people are stellar ...and there is tons of information..


Thank you for your omput it sounds you are alot like me and I appreciate your imput.


I'm glad you are allowing your mind the space to think. I was indoctrinated from birth on, finally about 5 years ago I realized I was an atheist. I had NO beleifs. I spent 10 years trying to prove the religion only to have it disintegrate with rational thought and the process of actually KNOWING what I was talking about. I learned a lot in that time. About how to process information, remove bias. Since then I've learned a ton about history, science, human tendencies to self-deceive, and the mountain of scientific evidence for evoloution.
It truly changes one to free themselves from imprisoning their own mind to make everyone else happy.


Just that for over an entire life time your a christian and you are taught one way its hard thinking another way it sort of like brain washing


Welcome llinenboy. How did you come to question your beliefs? Are there particular questions or concerns that you have at this point?

MarqG Level 5 Mar 3, 2018

I know what you mean! I became involved with a very nice church group, and the deeper we got, the more questions I had. Finally, I realized that I just couldn't believe in something so illogical. So many questions were just unanswered, and so many people just ignored the unanswered questions and professed "belief". It's hard to change from many years of trying to be a believer, but I feel like I'm finally being honest with myself. I hope it helps to know that there are others who feel the same way you do.

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