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I wish I had more Atheist and Agnostic offline friends...It would be a relief to have liberating conversations over coffee (or your choice of beverage) about things that have nothing to do with God or me being crazy about not believing in a God.

Is that too much to ask? ? It is. That's why I have a lot of online friends with whom I can converse. Eh, one day it'll happen.

Also, I must add that I probably have opened myself to "unique" inbox messages from faceless profiles or questionable beings from another planet... Lmao oh well, there's a block button for a reason.

CatiValti23 6 Mar 28

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This is so true


I wish I had more ambiguous minded friends, more than anything else. Or if not ambiguous, than people less committed to . . . whatever the box happens to be. Be it theist/atheist/political/conspiritorial/pseudo-scientific . . . WHATEVER.

I'm no genius. And I want challenge. But people are SO BORING. With the talking points loaded up and ready to shoot.
There was even a small group of Atheists in my community looking to meet up and do things, as shared on a local community forum. But few seemed interested in my seemingly distinct non-atheistic secularism, as advertised. Thus, I remain bored. Only occasionally venting these thoughts in the online realm. Be it on my blog, here, or elsewhere.


so where do you live?


I feel the same and if we were closer I would love to talk with you.


I attend when there’s a chapter near me (I travel a fair bit): they’re pretty good - end exist all over the US now (I’ll check your profile but assuming your American...). They’ve got a map anyway



I think a lot of openly non religious people, and I'll use that general term, would like to connect with like minded people in life. I know I would. Religious people congregate. That's one thing they do well. Turn up at a religious place and there you are. Not the same for the non or anti religious. I had hoped of maybe making a group of friends here on site, with whom I would have contact. But it's not easy to do that, and I've set that aside. I imagine those of you in large cities where there are lots of members from here might be better able to do that. Hope so.


In Ottawa, I feel religious with the agnostic leanings I have. Most people never even mention religious stuff at all, and if you ask them, I think most just say they are atheist. Possibly the crowd I tend to hang out with, but maybe there is a north/south thing? Anyway, I'm new to this site, so I just thought I'd make an idle harmless speculation to get my toes wet.

In the US South, people wear religion openly and assume you belong to a church. They even ask strangers which church they belong to. So, it gets annoying after a while. Even simple conversations often have religious undertones.

It is very different. Lol.


Wow! Thank you all for the resources! I'm going to check these sites out! I appreciate all your comments!


[] Check this out, it will give you Humanist groups in your area. I am a member and now VP of the Omaha Metropolitan Area Humanist Association. Great group of people. We do have a meet up group, but we got started through the American Humanists Association.

Oh, this will be quite useful! I appreciate this information!

Wow! I found one in my city! Now the next step is to actually show up to a meetup. That will be fun! Lol! Gotta shake the nerves off. Ha ha! Thank you so much!

@CatiValti23 My experience has been that the Humanists are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.


Check out

I've heard of this but I was leery of using it. I shall give it a go then.

Okay, setting up my profile was fun! Thank you for this suggestion! 🙂


It would be nice..if you're ever in upstate ny we can have coffee

It has been years since I've been back in NY. I only went once, don't ask when. LOL! It was too long ago. If I'm ever back there, I will definitely look you up!


Wish you were closer to Tyler. ?

Eh, 3 hours, shmee hours. If you ever wanna visit H-town, hit me up!


I too would like to meet more Atheist and Agnostic off line for coffee. I have some friends who have absolutely no belief in anything beside death being the end. I would like to explore more thoughts.

Tell me about it! It gets annoying after a while. It's like, "have you ever considered other ways of thinking?" I totally get it!


It really is nice to have. I've got a group of friends I can't wait to get back too, and we can talk all night and the supernatural never comes up. I consider myself extremely lucky to have them in my life.

Hope you find a couple fairly soon. Good luck.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 28, 2019

Hopefully, your luck will spread to me! I need that group where I can have a deep conversation about myriad topics! I used to have one when I was in college, but alas...our belief systems have changed since then...well mine has.

@CatiValti23 keep looking. They're out there.


I can assure you, atheists & agnostics aren't a sure thing for liberating conversations. Maybe it isn't the theism that causes a lack of (or lagging) conversation skills, but things like: geography (where someone lives or has only lived), education level, travel experience, marital status, overall life experiences, etc.

I have a number of agnostic & atheist friends that really only talk about their families, their one/two hobbies & the weather. I think that's just people, not how they self-label or identify. shrugs

The reason why I said Atheist and Agnostic is that I live in the South. Many religious Southerners consume their life with Christianity. I assure you that I have had wonderful conversations with believers, but it would be nice to have conversations with a fellow Atheist or Agnostic. Most of my friends are believers and I do have great conversations with them. So yeah, it is liberating when I find another person who is an Atheist or Agnostic.

@CatiValti23 I totally get it. I learned the hard way: all of America is the Bible Belt. Unless you're in the Pacific NW, we non-believers are hard to find. Like sea monkeys or snipe, we are stealthy ... or invisible, or fantasy. ???

@SeaGreenEyez Yeah, it sucks. However, I've been trying to deal with what I have. Lol.

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