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Have you gone to renew your passport" I didlast Tuesday and my checkbook became skinnier. smile001.gif

BTW, the form to fill for renewal asks many more questions than the one 10 years ago.

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We did a first time passport for my girlfriend a few months ago . Apart from the cost ....nearly £100, as you know .... what a palaver ! Murderous looking for someone to co sign ( your doctor is not allowed to do this any more).In the end I realised I was on the list of acceptable professions , then the 100 mile journey for her interview at the passport office , now compulsory with every new submission .

Hebert54 Level 7 Mar 30, 2019

No in USA. BTW, the State Dept. also issues a Passport Card; it looks like a credit card and is supposed to be used to go from state to state. I asked the employee if New York had became an "independent country" and he laughed his brains off; it seems this card is for people who don't drive hence no driver license. The new DL are enhanced so they have all the info.,

@DUCHESSA Interesting . As you probably know , we don’t have an I.D . System as such and you don’t even have to carry your driving license , but must produce it to a police station within a few days I’d required . Gone are the days when you could buy a visitors passport from the Post Office .... valid for a year and only £1.00!

@Hebert54 Well, since I am not British but American I don't know about your laws.

@DUCHESSA No of course not . Interesting types of burearocracy between the countries though.

@Hebert54 It goes far beyond bureaucracy....


Yikes! I have to do that, too. Curious as to the added questions. Will I have to swear an oath of personal loyalty to The Leader?

The-Krzyz Level 7 Mar 29, 2019

No. it never was the your sarcasm is ridiculous.


I’ve been to both our neighbors, but have never had or needed a passport. Think it would be easier to just climb a fence or wade ashore? Another good reason to say at home on the Ridge smile009.gif

Varn Level 8 Mar 29, 2019

I need to do that soon, thanks for the reminder

Many old timers..(70s and 80s) were applying for it first time.

@DUCHESSA I have had a passport since I became an military spouse and moved to Germany. When we were active duty I didn't need one, the ID card took care of that; but the non military member has to have one. Two of the kids had passports from the time they were just a few days old. I renewed mine when youngest was in HS and making a school sponsored trip to Europe. The organization wanted at least one parent to have an active passport in case of the worst case scenario. So I renewed mine then, and now it is time to renew again.

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