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Hey my emoji and photo upload ain't working..what's up wth that?
It's 24 hours..still Not working..Seriously?
Is it due to Brexit?

Charlene 9 Mar 30

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If it was me I would unplug my entire computer for 20 minutes, then plug back in & restart.
Lots & lots of tiny errors creep in & rebooting makes them self-correct.
IMO everybody should do this with all their devices at least every 60 days, it is amazing how much better they will work

I'm on an android..

@Charlene me too, all done on a 10"tablet, and you could not Pay me to go back to Windows, but reboot is still needed......

@AnneWimsey tried go..

@Charlene so sorry! How Annoying!


Site botax?

1of5 Level 8 Mar 30, 2019

You have been singled out by the kashisty and they refuse to allow you to emoji a post. j/k seems to be a sight site glitch. they hate me..oh fucking great..hey It ain't my fault I'm gorgeous and wicked smaht!


We’ve had a bad day on that score....I’ve not been able to show likes since lunchtime, and now it’s bedtime!


Emoji didn't work for me earlier - now back up.

So far anyway but another member reported hers was still down.

(ie It's not just you).

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