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Catholic priests in Northern Poland recently burned "sacrilegious" Harry Potter books.
l was going to ask if they were worried that people would actually believe that fiction, but then realised these same priests expect people to believe their brand of fiction!

Petter 9 Apr 1

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I'm sure the hypocrisy escapes them.....


Stupid retrogrades, next they will burn Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, 101 dalmatians, all children's books with a witch in it...


Thank you for sharing this. My kids love Harry Potter, but their mother drags them to the Catholic church every other Sunday. This may help put a wedge between them and that church.


Do they want to destroy any mention of or movies of Godzilla too?

Oh no! Not Godzilla, please! ?


Years ago the mother of my son's playmate burned the "Magic" cards one boy had given her son during a birthday party. I was amazed at her rudeness - I'd already gotten past how uptight and uber-religious she was, but I felt sorry for the son, and for the gift-giver. The boy had difficulty living down that strangeness. The other boys knew he could not play that popular game with them, so his social invitations dried up for quite awhile. Yes indeedy, people believe in the power of satan, or whomever or whatever, with very little valid reasoning!


That's sad and mildly funny considering harry potter is a christian allegory.


Sounds like they want to return the 18th century. I don't care for Harry Potter stuff, but keep your ass in the 21st century.

I've never read even one. I watched an early book on television about 15 years ago and that's all.


I saw this. I looked for it on snopes hoping it was an April Fools joke, but no, it's not on there. This is very sad.

The BBC don't go in for April Fools jokes, ever since that programme they ran on spaghetti growing in Italy about 40 years ago, when thousands of people wrote in ......
...... to ask where they could buy seeds for spaghetti trees.


Wow! I love Harry Potter!

Heathen. Burn!!! ??

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