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I haven't written a song for quite a while but, with my father in hospice care right now, it's made me realize how much it hurts for me to be living far from the rest of my family.

I wrote this song for my dad today. I may fully produce it with all instrumentation but, I wanted him to be able to hear it so, I posted this raw, one-take acoustic version. I'm sharing it here with you also.

Duke 8 Apr 2

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Very good, I really liked it. And I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. Take care.


So glad to see you writing again. I hope all goes as well as it can with your dad.


Beautiful .


Nice one. Stay acoustic!
Can you Skype him?


So beautiful, it choked me up. I hope you can find a way to see your dad and family.


Beautiful, it allowed me to cry.


That's beautiful ? ❤


Thank you opening up and showing a serious, sentimental side of yourself. May your obviously cherished father be peaceful, comfortable and well looked after.



@Duke Thank you for sharing.

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