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Just can't imagine being this delusional...

mzbehavin 8 Apr 3

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Is that a star of David on the side? Towards the front.

Yes, contradiction, right?


Some people carry their heart on their sleeves or around their necks. This guy is just sad.


Lotta free time, has this one......


That's lowered the resale value.



Still looking for WWJD (We Want Jelly Donuts).

@mzbehavin I did.


I bet it still can't drive on water. The magic of god just isn't strong enough. Too bad.


It’s a sickness! This one has it bad! ?


I wonder if your local car wrapping company has a religious nut catalog option?


Softly and tenderly Jebus is calling!

JCII Level 5 Apr 3, 2019

One way to keep the teenage kids from asking for the car


It's a good thing I can't drive anymore.
If I were to see that car on the road, I'm not sure I'd be able to squelch
the compulsion to force it into a fiery crash.
You know, just to help out and get them to their god that much sooner.


If that person is so religious, the car should be sold, buy a Ford Fiesta and give the rest to poor! Hey, and a spiritual retreat to fight the narcissism !

Ahah, my first car was a 1970s Ford Fiesta! It was orange!

Every morning before driving to work and or college I had to manually tighten the bolts on the drive train to keep it all together.


lol! I need the convertable sports car for religious reasons!


Yes, it's pretty insane, but seeing that people fly airplanes into buildings because of their religious beliefs, this doesn’t surprise me too much.

Or getting into a Mosque and killing 50 people and injuring 50 more, including women and children; or killing 48 young men in a Florida Disco for being gay; or killing 69 people on a summer camp in Norway. Extremists are the worst!


I’m wondering if that person has a NOTW sticker somewhere, on the car...

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