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There is something wrong in these pictures - I just can't seem to figure out exactly what... ????

Heidi68 8 Apr 4

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The umbrellas are open and it is not raining.

It was for shade over the table when I left.....


Mary Poppins is missing in the photos!


Does it follow you around?

Before today I would have said no... now I am not sure ?

@Heidi68 Well, it looks to be in pretty good condition.


The invasion of the Umbrella People has begun. Be afraid; be very afraid.


Marry Poppins came to visit.

Could be ?

she was hot


Random oddities.

Left the house for a quick hike, no wind at all. Come home and voilà, new roof ornament... ?

@Heidi68 Oh. We've been having those kinds of wind lately. Wreaks minor havoc and random power outages. I couldn't tell what the 1st photo was. At a guess, the rear end of a truck?

@Wangobango3 the same umbrella as I turned up my driveway all I could see was a strange blue thing on the roof....

@Heidi68 OK, great. Cheticamp, Nova Scotia has the neatest and cleanest yards I have ever seen. They routinely get nailed with 90 mph winds. They're called Les Souwets, French for the South Westerlies.

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