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In his masterpiece, STEPPENWOLF, Hermann Hesse created a character, Harry Haller, who was simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by many aspects of the culture in which he was reared and living. I think that, as agnostics and atheists, many of us have often felt the same internal conflicts. I think that those conflicts are the source of both frustrations and creativity.

Your thoughts?

wordywalt 8 Apr 6

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Hesse was a romantic writer and his Steppenwolf was overly melodramatic, something I liked in college but I can't see myself reading it today.

cava Level 7 Apr 6, 2019

I am 82 years old, and for much of my life I have felt out of my time and place. I can still relate to Hesse's underlying message in the book and to Harry Haller.


There were so many aspects of xianity that I just drew the line at, and stuff that I thought was just stupid. And society today, too involved with celebrities and stuff that doesn't matter.

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