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Just so everyone knows Charles Dugal airport Paris is the most ass backwards airport in the world.

DavidGreen1 6 Apr 10

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You've never been to Atlanta then?

I'd rather be routed through Hell.


How dare they make an airport you don't like! That place is now on my boycott list.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 10, 2019

Really !!!!!! rotflmao


I'll bet they got serious problems to deal with there.

Yeah lots of dudes with automatic rifles dogs and pretty tight security checks but don't mind that


Never been to that one but I wasn't happy one time with Heathrow. Looking back at it now I guess they are doing the best job possible.

Heathrow is a breaker I actually think it is one of the best in Europe

@DavidGreen1 It may be. I thought it was huge!


PS Pretty sure it's "Charles De Gaulle" 😉

Grammer Nazi ehhh yep you are right but when you are pissed any old thing will do

@DavidGreen1 Not a Nazi please, just the spelling police.

@DavidGreen1 I don't think getting someone's name right qualifies as 'grammar Nazi'.

@maturin1919 I was being fecitious probably spelled that wrong as well


Ever been to Atlanta?

How about Gatwick? (I still remember my shocked discovery there that only America is the land of the free coffee refill...)

The world hates us because of our freedoms... and our bottomless coffee cups... 😀

I started from Gatwick it's not as bad as here but yeah it can be confusing also Atlanta's not as bad as this place just big


ah but the croissants! Happy Travels!

Thank you

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