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It's finally upon us, tonight at 9:00 season 8 GOT, whoo hoot. 🙂
read that there is estimated over 1 billion to view. that's a lot of fans.

TristanNuvo 8 Apr 14

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I’m so excited !


Counting down the minutes. I have my snacks lined up and ready to go.


I can't wait!


I’ve not watched the first seven seasons. Should I watch tonight or can I just wait and watch the last episode to get the gist?

Ha ha, no. It's not an easy to understand show. You practically have to have a guide to watch

@Remi I watched part of an episode and could not even understand how the game is played. It was not explained. Perhaps if there was a score tally shown like any other sport it would be more approachable.

I can't get magine trying thing to come in to it without starting from the beginning. You will loose some of the shock of how the story changes on a dime. I think it would be a spoiler for the seven seasons before. I would start from the beginning and try to catch up. It will be worth it in my opinion.

@JesseBoren Not enough time. I’ll watch the final show first and maybe catch some of the middle stuff later.

@indirect76 maybe this will help 😂


Turns out my cable provided does not carry HBO.......

@flithyMONKEYmen Let me look it up, thx !!!

I get it through Hulu.

I get it thru Amazon Prime - free shipping, plus movies, TV, books, music little time, so much to stream!


Woot Woot!!!!
Can't wait!
You'd think it was the Superbowl with all the watch parties! 😊😎😊

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