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Daily Blasphemy: As a kid, I used to visit my evangelical aunt Judy. She was a cross between Marguerite Perrin (the crazy christian lady) and the mother in the movie “Carrie”…quietly pious, until she sensed ol’ Satan sneaking up on her. Then she’d flip. I still remember the day she found a Fleetwood Mac album in her son’s room. Rumours, I think. She was absolutely certain that Stevie Nicks was releasing demons into her house. My cousin was five years older than me—straight-laced and responsible. But there he was, beating his head against the wall, with his mother railing the Gospel at his ungodly ass, and me wondering WTF and wanting to get back home where (back then at least) people took the hippie view of Jesus. Eventually my neighborhood caught the bug too, and that’s why I generally avoid the backwoods where I grew up. God is nothing but a mind-virus. The kind that attaches an asterisk to the word “humanity”.

By BlastedRedeemer5
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I had a Baptist minister persuade me my collection U2 albums was backtracked and that I should get rid of it. So I broke them all or gave them away including the rare imports from the US.

I’ve never forgiven him.

That’s strange because Bono puts quite a bit of his religious beliefs into his lyrics.

@OtherPatrick yeah but he’s Catholic. So that’s the devil to the evo’s

@OwlInASack I have a 4 album singles record set called 4 U2 Play from way back in the late 80’s, has never been played.

@OtherPatrick could be worth serious money that...

@OwlInASack Maybe, but if I had the originals, then they definitely would be.


@OtherPatrick well absolutely! The money that changes hands for some of those discs is frightening...

What a loss!! Precious U2 albums!!!? With all respect I only hear stories like that in US

@margarida yes - happens in Britain too. We have our fundamentals evangelicals too unfortunately. They are a global disease


Wow. Imagine if it was a Black Sabbath album. She would probably have exploded.

Moravian Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

My mother saw an interview from someone she remarked seemed so polite and well spoken. Probably early to mid eighties.

Why can't you like music like that man does. He seems so nice.

It was Ozzie Osbourne.

He was still with it in the eighties but with all the drugs he has ingested over the years poor Ossie can hardly string two coherent words together now.

Welcome to Hell from Venom would have gotten a lovely reaction I’m certain...


Stevie NIcks commanding hordes of demons? That's a new one.

mordant Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

The Rumors album was the gateway to hell......

Oh, for fucks sake! 😲 Some people need a life.
What a great album though....

In my opinion although millions disagree with me Fleetwood Mac changed from being a great blues band to an average rock/pop band when Peter Green left.


Two different bands. Kind of like Journey after Greg Rolie left and Perry/Cain changed their sound.

@Bierbasstard Don't know much about Journey but I was a fan of the old Fleetwood Mac. Never liked the new band much. Pity about Peter Green. A brilliant blues guitarist but mental illness took it's toll


They had more of a bluesy/Santana vibe before becoming all commercial pop schmaltz.

@Bierbasstard Very true.

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