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I'm starting a water fasting not sure how long i can go but I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of such a discipline. I heard, read, and watched lectures about how great one feels after a week.

Neenz 7 Apr 14

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Fasting gave me a massive headache and made me feel shaky, crabby and and weak.

It does not work for me.

Fasting is one of these ridiculous fads that has its basis is religion.
If people treated their bodies right in the first place they wouldn’t have to stoop to such lows.

Oh i don't think it's for everyone.. the headache is one of the withdrawal symptoms especially caffeine or sugar.. i had done some fasting for medical reasons through which i could caliber my ability to do a longer period. It's very rewarding in the end if it's done right. I'll share my findings afterwards.
Intermittent fasting is highly recommended by doctors ..

@Neenz which doctors ??? Dr OZ , homeopathy , chiropractors ? Which Doctors recommend this pls show me .

@Pralina1 Doctor Michael Mosley is the one who brought the science aspect of it when I watched his documentary on bbc 2015 soon after I read the first book on intermittent fasting I continuously investigated since then and met a lot of them who done a fasting of different sorts. I have also experienced fasting myself for short periods ... dr oz is not a doctor i don't support homeopathy I understand the science behind it as well as I understand the keto diet and why it works

@Neenz the psychiatrist and television producer Mosley ? ??

@Pralina1 yes him

@Neenz I have no more questions . Thank u !

@Pralina1 I'm not a closed minded person. I learned through my life to always question whatever knowledge presented to me and make sure I'm making the right judgment objectively. So instead of criticizing or dismissing wouldn't it be more ideal to provide some counter evidence or logic


Y ?

For cleansing and rest my system also it's good for physical and mental health

@Neenz wow .


We lose litres at night sweating.
I think you're crazy. Food fasting I see benefits but water? A bit like oxygen fasting.

I will drink water and take supplements


See if you can do 12 hours, next week 24, and so on.

I've done the 12 hrs i also did the 24 hrs it's first time im trying to stretch mo deadline


I will be having super green drink and vitamins but I'l be focusing on the water and lemon

Neenz Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

That is very dangerous.

I watched documentaries and read Brooks and googled a lot before making the decision.. i know it's not fun

@Neenz that is called misinformation. Starving yourself for a week is not safe, it is not good for you, it can have permanent health consequences. And it won’t accomplish whatever you think it is supposed to do.


I have done 48 to 72-hour water fasts for autophagy purposes, but I've made sure to prep for it a week beforehand and included electrolytes, therefore significantly reducing any unpleasant side-effects. Have you read or listened to Valter Longo's research?

No I'll go check it out.. thanks for the tip I've been preparing for it since last week to ease into it..

@Neenz Excellent. Hope it goes well for you and please share an update.


T"here is no set time that water fasting should last for, but medical advice generally suggests anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days as the maximum time to go without food."

I only learned about the power of fasting in the last few years and it took about id carriage for ne to make l take such a step as i really love food :/

@Neenz I would consult with your doctor before taking such a drastic step.


As in nothing to eat and you drink only water for a week. That’s got to be the dumbest diet nonsense thing I’ve heard lately. Why would you do this to your body?

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