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Ok so I new to this site. Could someone please explain to me if this is a dating site or just a place to discuss Agnosticism and such? I would like to me a great guy on this site who believes in what I do but it’s a difficult task. I’m sure if we were looking for a partner or relationship wouldn’t you rather be with someone who gets the way you think?

LovelyLady4U 4 Apr 14

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Its a broad church, if you pardon the expression. It has a dating element but its more like a party. Where the only thing in common is a disbelief in big sky. Explore some of the groups, look at the prospects in you area and...?


If they don't pretty much get the way I think, and vice versa (aside from some differences based gender), I doubt there would be enough chemistry to make it get off the ground in the first place, at least for me.


There is still not a lot of active members.(members who make it past level 6). which for now , for many of us, finding someone to date is problematic (for instance , if there are just two guys with an hour of your location, thats not a lot of choices)
So most of us just hang out more for the online community..


There are no men on this website in North Central Washington. It's not a dating site for me.

I love the intelligent, hilarious, kind, wise and thoughtful people! It is fun reading and replying to posts.

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Both, neither, one or the other . . . . according to each person's choice.

THHA Level 7 Apr 14, 2019
1's advertised as a dating site, at least that's how I found out about it at first. I would say that while some people on here do date, it's more of an anything goes community board, where the people are a majority atheist/agnostic. It leans way to the left, and most conversations on here have nothing to do with religion, but bash on politicians or toute SJW topics. Unfortunately, the conversations are not very grounded in logic, facts, or reason, and typically fall along the lines of typical religious-type logic. Welcome though - and hope you end up enjoying the site.

Thank you. That explains a lot.


From what I see, there are a lot of men here who are "open to meeting women" which is indicated in their profile bio. You might find it challenging to connect with very many who live in your area.

There are great men everywhere. The most important thing is learning how to recognize the difference between the good guy and the jackass.

You can ruin some pretty nice shoes stepping in all that shit.

Thank you. Well said. Ya I think I need a religiometer. Lol. It sure would make things easier to cut through the weeds.


It's very possible to find someone here, it's just a bit different than the profile mining sites.

Good luck and have fun.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

Thank you


Welcome. Mingling is a good way to get to know people here. There have been many "love" connections made by being a part of the community.

Thanks. That’s what I’m hoping for.


Mostly a community of mostly non believers. Maybe you'll finds some friends. Maybe you'll find love. I personally like the community.

Doraz Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

I can see that the community is friendly and intelligent. Ty


This is a community site, where you might be able to date someone from. Mostly community.

Yes I see that. There may be hope for an Agnostic yet. Lol


Aim for community. It is great for that. On the other hand I have met a wonderful companion here and turned off my willing to meet. Good wishes and enjoy. There are some very interesting people here.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try for a little while. That’s great you found a companion.


Mostly community.

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