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Everyone dies, but not everyone lives

We have pushed Death away from Life, the dying away from the living - all in order to impose the illusion of control on the uncertainty of change

We have lost touch with the natural world and with our place in it, as mortal animals. We have forgotten "how to die."

For every beast, dragon, war and Empire that raises and falls. Their dead bodies will be replace by green grass and among the grass, Grass Hoppers will be making love

Make love, not war
Sing your song and peace before the world is over
Make love, not War

We can work it out , I never had doubt
Do the right thing, why are we are always fighting
For heaven and hell on earth can be back biting
Make love, not War! isn't that more exciting?

People wondered, when I die, what have I done or not done. Carry no regrets, of your pass. Only regret what you do not do in the future. Have no fear of death, for you know how to live. Just don't want to be there, when death happens.

Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives, don't take life so seriousally. The terror in not in the big bang like a gun, its only in the anticipation of it

I have no fear of death, do you?

By Castlepaloma7
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My deepest grief is for an unlived life.

I've loved my work for most waking hours of my life. I feels like,I've lived two lifetimes. Oh baby!!! as a new senior, I've just got started.


We're non-existence with an infinitesimally small interruption of existence. And in that brief walk, we get greedy. We don't want it to diminish, age, or end – ever. Yes I fear death. Like much of life, I also realize it's an absolutely futile emotion.

Once shuffled to the other side I won't care. But until then, trauma before the void.

Deiter Level 8 Apr 15, 2019

For each tramatic period in my when I handled gracefully. It takes me to a higher energy level.
Having a high IQ is good, having an EQ also together, is even better.


Isn't there a poetry group for this kind of thing?

KKGator Level 9 Apr 15, 2019

The dead poets society. Lol.


I have no fear but I want to live.

margarida Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

I used to think this way. I spent years coming to terms with death. I thought I lost the fear of death and to some extent I did. It was just replaced by a bigger fear though as my body started to turn into a tomb of pain. I learned the real thing to fear is getting to death. Lucky for most people these states are rare but you can get locked into states of existing that are a living hell. Thankfully that won't last forever but they can be horrific things to go through. I will never say that phrase that not everyone e lives. We all live no matter how long or short, how happy or sad. There are many states of being alive, it's pretentious to think our way is better than another. We all walk our own path be it good, bad, or indifferent and everything we touch or see will be wiped away like a dream in the end so don't take it all too serious.

I've learned to take short term pain and turn it into an awareness as a sign to work on it. That way keeping suffering less and happiness more.

Like dealing with good stress rather than extreme stress. Where too much over stress all the time can take 20 years off their life. It's amazing how we can use herbs, greens and most of all, our minds, over our body to heal.

@Castlepaloma My pain is not short term, I have not known a moment without pain for almost 20 years. They can't even figure out what the real problem is, maybe in my autopsy they will figure it out but I doubt it. What is going on inside my body lays outside of what is known to the medical community. I've been to see close to 40 doctors including a trip to the mayo clinic, no one has ever seen anything like it. Healing doesn't always occur, sometimes it just gets worse until you die.


Maybe I'm a opti-alcoholic (over optimist) I've been my own best doctor in the world ever since my 2 heart surgeries. That took extreme measures and boldly taking no drugs except cannabis for hypertension. Plus balance micro nutrients.

My sister inlaw had a brain tumor for 15 years. It's been said the pain in the brain is worst of all. She became her own actual medical doctor and saved herself. A good doctor is also is a good researcher.

Personally, I don't trust the medical profession much, since they are the leading cause of death in the world. I can do a much better job with my own onces of medicine rather than their kilos of cure.


I don't fear death. It's hard to watch another person slowly die though as I found out with my husband last June. He died here at our home as he wanted. I was glad I was able to take care of him till the end as I knew he felt more comfortable here with me than in a hospital with strangers.


My mother lived out her last weeks in my home under hospice care. Hospice nurses patiently and gently taught me what to expect and what to do. And I was struck by the realization that at one time, EVERYONE knew all of this. We have pushed this natural part of life, the ending, so far away that we are afraid to think about, talk about or even acknowledge it. Something so taboo, so shrouded in mystery will certainly be feared. But society does not want to hear or talk about something "morbid." When I was young I sometimes had spells when I worried about death to the point where I couldn't sleep. But no longer.

ohnoudun Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

No. Here is a repeat of my metaphor about the issue:

My old friend, the conductor to death, still waits quietly in the wings. But, as I go through my final years, I converse with him. I tell him that I do not hold his role against him as I know that it is the natural order of things. He responds that he appreciates both my understanding and my willingness to face reality. I tell him that I appreciate the fact that act when the time comes to relieve me from the agony of mental confusion and/or physical pain. He assures me that he will act. I share with him my reflections on aging as a process of being forced to give up many things that add quality to life , a time of loss of dreams and aspirations, a time when (with few new experiences) we are driven inward to reflect on past experiences. life chapters, successes, failures losses, memories. He tells me that such inward reflection is a healthy way for people to gain a sense of who they are, a process that is not possible in an aspiring young person. Such is the nature of our dialogue.

Both the conductor to death and know that when the time comes, he will step forward and say, 'it is time.' I will shake his hand, gesture for him to lead the way, and follow him into peaceful oblivion. That is as it should be. I find that most comforting."

wordywalt Level 8 Apr 15, 2019

I thought I didnt fear death, Even tried killing myself once. till this last weekend and my Older sons Girl decided she wanted to kill us all traveling down I-81 at 110 miles an hour . She got pissed because my son told her she looked tired and should let me drive for awhile


Death will be no more eventful than a sleep without dreams. That was my state before I existed and there was nothing wrong with that state. Therefore I conclude that there will be nothing wrong with my state of being after death. The process of dying may not be a comfortable experience however.

david7wk Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

This poem does depict how most people live...they are waiting for the best part to show up in the future! When all we really have or ever will have is right now! And, we need to be connected to it...and then we can truely say that we lived in...all of our moments!

YES! Nothing better than living in the present.


To paraphrase Woody Allen, I'm not afraid of dying, I'd just rather not be there when it happens.

jeshuey Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

Yes, I took part of Woody's line. There is a great comfort in not worrying about death.

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