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Fox News is reporting....
When you die ‘you know you’re dead because your brain keeps working’, scientist claims.

"We know we are dead when we die because our brains keep working to make us aware of what's happening around us, haunting new research suggests.

Top medical experts have forever been at loggerheads over what happens when humans die, with anecdotal evidence of bright lights and flashes reported by people who have 'come back' being the cause of much debate."


St-Sinner 9 Apr 17

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This is pretty shitty reporting, given that it lacks sourcing. Some unnamed alleged "scientist" makes a claim and it's described as "haunting". yawn.

I'm surprised they didn't cite the study recently in the news where scientists hooked up pig brains that had been dead for 4 hours to a nutrient machine and the brains kinda-sorta still worked. The nuance that most will miss is that they partially functioned in a biological sense of taking in nutrients and giving off waste products, but there was nothing going on with the EKG (in fact they purposely, on compassionate grounds, planned to anesthetize the brain and stop the machine if there had been the slightest sign of EKG activity, which would raise the possibility that the brain was in some sense conscious; this did NOT happen however).


And we know this is true because Fox News said it.


As a former bartender, I know many who continued to talk long after their brains died!


There's quite a few grissly tales about heads responding after execution by guillotine for up to 30 seconds after separation. From, like, centuries ago. Not going to give fox a free hit by clicking the report, though, so my apologies if they covered that.

As for bright lights and flashes, see above about heads responding after execution.

Do agree with the meme, though.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 17, 2019

Who did the interview and who did the interview. How do they know, it can only speculation and unproven theory.


What's so hard to believe? Just because it's FOX News reporting it? They didn't do the research. They are just reporting it. They don't say "for a long time". They say "if only for a short time". It's like a computer being turned off. When you hit the power button it takes at least a few seconds for it to turn off. If it's not a direct brain injury that causes death, this seems very plausible, especially if there are first hand reports of patients telling what they heard the people in the room say. I think the question should be, when is death? Like the article says, death is pronounced when the heart stops. Death should be pronounced when the brain functions stop. In order to do that, you have to monitor the brain with a computer after the heart stops.


And these brains are fueled by????? No blood supply, no oxygen supply, no caloric fuel. Sure.

I suspect that a guillotined head will see the basket come up to his face if his eyes are open inasmuch as it would be a few tenths of a second before the lack of oxygen takes effect. Consider that we do not lose consciousness between heart beats. However, that is conjecture inasmuch as I have no proof. Nevertheless, there is no evidence or logical theory that I know of that would support the consciousness of a human to continue more than a second or two after the oxygenated blood supply stops.

@dahermit Exactly! I've read that guillotined heads actually opened/closed their eyes in the VERY brief interval after the blade fell. "Brief" being the operative word here. Just think...if Pence/McConnell and the entire PUSTULE clan were willing, we could test this out!


Read this today:


Its an interesting read and suggests that four hours following death, pig's brains showed activity. They were NOT alive and had NO independent activity. We may get there eventually, but what I found exciting is the hope to re-establish activity for people with ABI and Alzheimer's. The problem with Fox (Sky news to some degree) is they take a little bit of truth and manipulate it to suit their agenda.


Watching Fox News is like punching yourself in the head. Choosing to keep watching Fox News is like punching yourself in the head and enjoying it.


There science crew came up with that for sure.


Oh FFS!!!


fox news is an oxymoron. fox personnel are just plain morons.


Faux news is nothing more than a propaganda organization for evangelical conservative republicans.

@jlynn37 also true.


No need for oxymoron...I'm sure moron is just fine

@VineetHonkan lol both morons apply, though.


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