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If only for arguments sake there was a God that does not necessarily mean there is a single or multiple true religion/s and if there was a true religion/s it does not necessarily mean your religion is the true religion and if there was a God it is not necessarily your God but the important question is does God deserve to be worshipped for me if god exists it's simply no

slothdeus 3 Apr 19

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It would be logical for a God to keep up proper communication with its subjects. Updating them in an identical manner on a regular basis.
It would also be quite illogical for a God to start with a single interaction by say making a woman pregnant and wait for that person to grow up in a single location and spread the word to all of humanity at walking pace. Why not impregnate a few thousand and spread the good news all over the world, or just have us all have an inbuilt knowledge of God and the rules of how to worship it.
Once you take apart religions, they don't stand up to scrutiny very well.


Exactly..most are nonsense, so who cares? Native Americans and Thai Buddhists have a lot of quantum physics beliefs going on with which I agree.


All religions and cults are just nonsense. Invented by men for power and glory for themselves.

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