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Oh, how I would love to be able to ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders the following question to her face: "What does it feel like to knowingly and willfully lie to the American people on a daily basis and get paid for it?"

wordywalt 8 Apr 21

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millions of ppl daily make their livelihood the same way she does e.g wall st.,the entire financial industry, the MSM & it goes on & on.
the US was conceived & built on lies. they just keep getting amplified.

I find your cynicism repulsive.

@wordywalt ,
i find you to be inconsequential.


Very brave! Why don't you ask the same from Putin or Kim? It is easy to fuck with a fragile woman?

zesty Level 7 Apr 21, 2019

I am sorry, but your remark is so inane that I can't avoid saying that. Putin and Kim are known enemies of our nation. Sanders is an employee of our nation, supposedly serving our nation. And, there is nothing fragile about Sanders. She is an aggressive, disrespectful, uncivil, and untruthful women who is a traitor to her sex.

@wordywalt Insane? This is all? Sanders is a great woman. A traitor to our ex? First time I hear this Bs! Hahaha

@zesty A mindless retort that you have no real answer to my remarks.

@wordywalt You are primitive! End of my discussion with you.

@zesty Excellent!

@zestyw wordywalt, what is wrong with you? "Fragile woman"??????? If she is a fragile woman (and I know of No woman who would like being called that!) I am freaking Cindy Crawford, aged 30.

@AnneWimsey So what? Are you implying that she is fat? She has kids, was pregnant, most likely. Don't think that she is a marshal art practitioner and/or walks around armed. Makes her fragile.

@zesty wow, I am 70, the reference to Cindy Crawford & her age was SARCASM sweetie. Methinks you are a damned fragile woman, the growing hysteria with which you are replying is quite odd.

@AnneWimsey Thanks for the clarification sweetie.


That googly-eyed bitch is now like her lying boss... She lies so much she now believes what she says or that it is providence that she lie. Her father is much the same way...


Didn't the French shave the he heads of collaborators after the Nazis were defeated? I got dog clippers!


You could ask that to every White House spokesperson as far back as I can remember.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 21, 2019

Yes, all of them have put spin on issues, and even occasionally lied. But, Sanders knowingly and willfully lies multiple times a day, every day. Most have tried to be honest. Sanders makes no attempt.


It would appear, for the most part, that she enjoys it. Must be some sort of kink.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 21, 2019

"Oh, like, you again. You atheistic thingy, I need avert my eyes. I've no response to you or others of your ilk. And that includes reporters who ask such questions as well. Look at all the great things this administration does, and not just for white nationalists who don't exit anyway (wink). Now, where was I? Too much time wasted on questions. I need to expose more for the frenzied masses who attend the rallies, the really big rallies."

You are too easily dismissive of others who do not agree with you. You would be much better off trying sincerely to be objective.


I’d say she is quite comfortable with it...she may even be a true believer...who knows what goes on in the minds of the Trumpinistas!

No doubt about it. But, as many people as possible need to confront her about the truth of her own despicable behavior.

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