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I just read an Atlantic Article regarding the end of the US as a world power. It called Donald Trump, the first Balkan US President. It seemed apt to me, what do you think?

Bigwavedave 8 Apr 23

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American billionaire in 2050: "Oh well. We might have lost the Empire. But we still have the Kentucky Derby, and the Newport Yacht Races!"


...he likes to believe he is "different "
when , a greedy tyrant is born everyday!!!!


I don't know about "Balkan" president. But Trump is certainly the most blatantly Fascist POTUS ever!


Someday the U.S may no longer be a world power, however that day is far off.

@TheAstroChuck Humbled and world power are not the same things. We have the world's strongest economy and strongest military. Do you think both will simply vanish?

@TheAstroChuck When do you expect this to happen?


Did they mean he is ruling over a split country?

I think they mean he will drive the country apart , like the Balkans.

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