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This is absurd. I’m so tired of schools being obsessed with wardrobe. This seems like nothing but a means of keeping a certain segment of people in their place. Environmental control and individual conditioning. I’d like to see my boys’ school tell me I can’t come in to pick them up because of the way I’m dressed...


Christiep77 7 Apr 24

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Nothing is as had as this,
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The main reason is that it helps minimize the bullying factor. The teachers and the staff want to make sure everyone has a pleasant school experience.


I am sorry that the school felt that they had to do this. I am all for being neat and tidy. Show some respect for yourself. Nobody wants to look at a slouch, be a role model for your children.


Well it is Texas....


I’d show up to pick up my kids in a skin tight patent leather cat suit. Nothing in the dress code about that.:...

Sorry can't help myself !!.... Which school? Where and when ????? ( For the record, this is being written by IamHavingFun and NOT by IamCreepy, ok? )

@IamNobody what day works for you? Whip or no?

@Christiep77 oh please don't worry about me, I'll adjust my schedule to your schedule !!! IamAsking for a favor here, can't make demands... No-no LOL (Thanks for playing the part though !!! )



That's ridiculous. They need to be more concerned with their students education and less with what everyone is wearing.

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