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Trump warns Mexico after guns drawn on US troops "better not happen again."

LOL. Words of a geriatric fart that no one pays attention to.

Dyl1983 7 Apr 24

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This arrogant idiot will destroy our nation if he is not removed by one means or another.


He really thinks he is the one and only one.


Our army should just shoot the Mexican armed forces if they enter the US.

zesty Level 7 Apr 25, 2019

I thought you may say it and do you feel that the Mexicans should do the same to US soldiers when they enter Mexico too?

@Jolanta Sure. Fortunately we have the strongest and best army in the world and the mexicans are just tiny jokers. They won't be able even to scratch our boys!

@zesty It's funny how people who would never have the guts to serve are so courageous when it comes to risking other people's lives.

@JimG First, you don't know me. Second, if the liberal American politicos won't tie our soldiers' hands, the US army simple deletes the mexican drug lords.

@zesty Strongest and best. If that was so how come they seem to need so much help?

@zesty And since when are the hands of US soldiers being tied? Have you not heard of Abu Garbi or how about the soldiers who raped and killed children, and said that it was ok because Muslims are not human. They were US soldiers doing that.

@Jolanta US soldiers raping children? Never could happen!

@zesty Do you think that US soldiers are angles?

@Jolanta Of course not. But they are way the most humane among all soldiers.

@zesty And you know this, how?

@Jolanta I travel a lot. Communicated with soldiers from different countries.

@zesty Oh, yeah because soldiers would tell you that we are so good boys, we never do anything wrong, we respect all women. Are you not aware of sexual assault has gone up in the US military by 32% and sexual harassment by 80%.

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