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Coffee! It's my

Charlene 9 Apr 28

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It's my prick fuel. Great stuff, coffee.


Don't stop until a limb starts shaking.


Due to monetary reasons I've been doing tea (It's cheaper) But I double bag... hehehe..... Zoom!

Any Trader Joe's near by..their coffee is great and it's $4.99 a pound...and you can grind it fresh..

@Charlene My nearest Trader Joe's is in Worcester - quite the hike for cheapn - but yes - good quality coffee. 😉 But thank you.

I have some beans stashed somewhere in case I become desperate - but it's a place I've always been able to conserve. I like coffee and good strong tea - equally.

Especially after I quit smoking all those years ago? lol

@RavenCT it sucks that TJ is out of the way..good luck finding the coffee beans..😁😁😁


good for keeping you on track


Same here

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