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This may cause a bit of controversy but the Peanut Butter Snickers is the perfect candy bar by far, even surpassing the Reese's Buttercup.

ElusiveMoby 7 Apr 29

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Last night I was over at the grocery store and in the reduced rack they had a pile of peanut butter snickers. I don't think they were top sellers!


Ok, tried one. Wasn't all that thrilled. Mounds is still my top!

Thank you for giving it a go.

LOL...had to edit that!


Behead those who insult the Reese's peanut butter cups, the chosen one.
Either way you're wrong 😄

Reese's took prominence . . . Until the Peanut Butter Snickers dethroned it.

@ElusiveMoby sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes u don't ALMOND JOYs have nuts MOUNDS don't


My all-time favorite was Oh Henry!


ITT: I remembered non-Americans don't slather everything in peanut butter like we do. We do, like everything. Almost as much as we do cheese.


I've had to limit my candy bar intake as I've aged (sadly), so I might be a bit rusty. However, Reese's is overrated. It's too sweet, and Snickers has always tasted too artificial. If you have to go peanutty, there are better options. Payday? Almond Joy? A fuckin' Abba Zaba?

Even my favorite Thai dishes require peanut sauce.

There is almost no food too sweet for me. An Abba Zabba does sound tasty.


I haven't had one yet. I did have a Butterfinger that was produced in the same manner as a Reese's and it was amazing. I did miss that shit getting stuck to my teeth though.


I'll have to try one so I can give my full assessment.

Please do and get back to me.


I can't stand any of them (full of sugar and chemicals..eeew!) but there are some organic chocolate bar snacks that are OK.

I take high THC cannabis oil to kill cancer cells, and also nibble a bit on chocolate peanut bar edibles, so I suppose I do eat them, in a way. I have to be careful, though, especially with the edibles..medical cannabis is powerful, and can knock me out.


So true with those allergic to nuts and ME as I prefer to chew my own nuts not letting machines to pre chew my food adding chemicals and toxic wrappers to the "bar"...yup you have a controversy on your hands now ESPECIALLY IF GMO nuts




Have you ever had a Toblerone?

JimG Level 8 Apr 29, 2019

Never tried that. I should give it a try?

@Allamanda ouch!

@Allamanda Really? I meant that as a compliment.

@Allamanda You're welcome. I appreciate people who speak their minds.

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