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I'm a bit freaked out - I have personal blocks - but they've gone invisible. It's a lot like Thanos has been by and it's creepy.

I mean what might go next?

Additionally the owner of the Singles Mingle Group Sassygirl3869 went missing earlier tonight? Could it be part of the same bug?

This was posted to Singles by a mutual friend "Hi everyone. I was asked to inform you on behalf of @Sassygirl3869 that when she ..tried to log in it says "my account is suspended and my profile is gone.".

Please let MFAtheist know if you find out what went wrong he's in contact with Lisa.

RavenCT 9 Apr 30

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I didn't understand the part close to the end of Infinity Wars where people starting turning to dust. How did that happen?

Well when you control everything you can snap your fingers and make people disappear. That was the cinematic version of "poof"!

You probably need a hard core fan to really explain it though.


Hay guyz it me admin we liked endgame so much we actually had a fun Agnostic snappening!

If your profile is still active, congratulations! You've survived The Snap™️™️™️


Find bug or virus please

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