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Scientists in Chile have found a 15,000-year-old footprint, the earliest sign of humans' presence in the Americas
Ryan Prior, CNN • Published 29th April 2019

The non native version of the "bering strait theory" is only partially true.
Yes people travelled across the striats' but we didn't travel this way, it was the non native that was cast out of the "garden" and went that way. Just as their theory on Africa is completely backwards so are all aspects of their so-called "sciences".
Africa is the most wild place on Earth therefore the "newest" in evolution.
As evolution evolves, it does not get wilder, it evolves out of the wild, therefore, wilderness disappears as evolution moves on (we didn't evolve "into" dinosaurs, we evolved out of them). Subsequently, the most "wild" place, is the youngest.
All land on Earth grew out of the South Pole, all land is connected together from there, this is where all life, including humans, started growing from. So-called, South and North america, are the only land masses on Earth that are connected to the South and North Poles', all other land masses are a part of the corruption that broke off from the Original instruction, they are not connected to the solidness of the Poles". Therefore, all that is perceived from those vantage points is corrupted, thus, are destroyers of the Earth.

AmmaRE007 7 Apr 30

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That makes no sense at all.




I understand the logic of the explanation. I am sure there are some chunks of history that we have wrong and this may very well be one. We only make educated guesses based on the evidence and technology available.



Okay. Slowly, and as in the most relaxed fashion you can manage, step away from your computer and take your medication. Thank you.

I see how you react to things new to you

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