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Jesus Christ in his Own Words

St-Sinner 8 May 3

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Jesus was having a crappy day if he actually said that. And maybe food donations had dried up.


Jesus never wrote any books himself. Despite bi8blical claims I doubt he was actually literate.


Sad that so many buy into this bullshit.


I've spent a lot of time with that book and I'm convinced these words attributed to Jesus are to be understood in the context of the last days, that is, the generation living at his time that would not be completely gone before his return to bring in the new world. In other words, about 40 years. This, if true, makes sense of the idea to 'let the dead bury the dead' because of the shortness of the time remaining. Time was precious and there were very few to bring in the harvest.

But the church says the words of Jesus are true even today. That is what the Bible Reading Class is about, Isn't it?

I doubt there was a real Jesus saying these things. The churches think the words are literally true, sure. I'm just trying to get across what I believe is the context for those words.

Quite agree. It has the hallmark of apocalyptic Judaism and most likely a composite of texts from that school.


I have not read those words in a long time and I was struck with how they apply to our current moment! No wonder we have so much discord, the Bible thumpers have been so indoctrinated, they have lost faith even with their own family members...after all it is in the Bible! They can fall back on the scripture to explain the breakdown of our social order. They have no need or reference point for understanding human behavior except from what has been written in the Bible. This was always a disaster in the making...and that the Christians work so hard to keep their way of understanding alive, makes it even more perilous! I suddenly ...know why I have always felt a strong disgusting reaction against sending missionaries to all parts of the world, in order to promote the Christian brand of religion! This is how vulnerable undeveloped nations of people were fed lies, before they had a chance to be properly educated. And now, the religious right have the upper hand in America and we are being ripped apart ...mainly from their indoctrinated ignorance. That is my belief.


It’s important to remember that it isn’t ‘Jesus’ saying this stuff. It’s Matthew, or probably more correctly, the anthologised ideas and writings of apocalyptic prophets of the time.

Are you saying it is not the word of God?

@Tiramisu it is all ‘man made!’ Probably by egotistical men. that were certain they had found the ‘answers for all people ‘ to live by! And here we are today, broken into different ‘cults,’ trying to put the scripture into practice in a modern world where Science has overrun fantasy for showing how life and the world works (at least, up to this point).

@Tiramisu I’m saying it’s a text written by an author or authors around late C1st which was discovered and held to have a powerful effect by the quality of the writing. Those who constructed the canon included it because of its effectiveness in the context it was to be used. I am in no position to say if it was the word of ‘God’ but if it was so is Shakespeare, John Lennon and Stephen King...and Harry Jones down at the bakery for that matter.


Ah, that’s Mathew. The over the top apocalyptic. If you want the drama go to Matthew complete with ripped temple curtains an’ all. I have to say if you want a rollicking gospel adventure Matthew’s the one. Not the mamby pamby Mark and Luke nonsense and then finish of with a bit of metaphysics with John. I know it’s the Bible, but take Matthew out of its received context and it’s the greatest fun.


What a fucked up belief system.

djs64 Level 6 May 3, 2019

Truth. Christians can't even get along with each other.

Because, it isn’t based on developing human behavior and the world in general. And, don’t they need other people to bring into the they interrupt the Bible? It is all in which particular Church we were indoctrinated in, as to our interpretation, and then...our attempt to mold ourself into each one and it alters us in real time. What a deal?


I didnt recall that. Amazing .


I didnt recall that. Amazing .


Yep. He said worse things, too, regardless of whether you think this was a real guy or is just a character in several stories. Most christian apologists try to pretend that the “Sermon on the Mount” was all he said.

He may have been a real guy but must have been an ordinary man who was making no sense. Possibly a mentally slow man. Governor Pilate just squished the non sense. For a stable rule, merit is rewarded but not nonsense.

What happened afterwards was all - Product Marketing.

It’s important to remember that it isn’t ‘Jesus’ saying this stuff. It’s Matthew or the combined writings of apocalyptic prophets of the time.

@Geoffrey51 we have no solid idea who wrote any of the went through so many stories and can’t be taken as fact! In fact the longer I live the more bizarre I find the Bible, or maybe I hold utter disgust for all the ways I was misled by it and people promoting ‘it,’ as the word of god, because it was in the Bible! I would be crazy too, if I was still steeped in that thought process! Because, from the beginning I thought something was wrong with it!

@Freedompath Exactly. All we know it’s that there were many extant texts bring used and in 325 Constantine wanted them in a coherent and systematic order so they could be used effectively. The rest is history!

@Geoffrey51 and people are still ‘buying,’ into this ‘make believe’ today...’gimme that old time religion, it was good for Paul and Silas and it is good enough for me ‘ this is still heard in Churches back in this very moment!

@Freedompath Uhhhhh! The annoying thing is when you know, through empirical proof, not by speculation or just being a party pooper that this is how the Christian Bible was constructed I despair at the naivety and credulity of, in many cases bright people.

@Geoffrey51 yes!

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