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anybody here watching the Kentucky derby?

I am going in for Country House - long shot

Donna_I 8 May 4

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There is actually a horse group here "Horse lovers" Group where I made a couple of posts about the race, Country House, Code of Honor, and Vekoma were all horses that I looked after as babies.

wow! I imagine you were very proud! They all did quite well in the race. I had almost given up on Country House when he got stuck mid pack about half way in but he managed to get clear and made a strong show at the end.


So who won placed or showed ?

Maxium Security - disqualified
County House - winner (65 to 1 odds)
Code of Honor - placed
Tacitis - showed

@Donna_I thank you ....a disqualified horse must be national news not just sports

@GreenAtheist in a way I would hope it would get a little attention and in another I hope they would just let it go.

@Donna_I I wish I could spend some time with horses as I did in Charleston S Carolina during the HEALING HORSES FOR VETERANS ranch


Damn! You could have made some big money!

very serious money. oh well!


I love horses but I like 99% of adults are too big to ride race horses....jockeys all weigh ONE THIRD of my weight and I am 18 inches taller than all of them


If so, you won 65 to 1..hope you bet a lot!

unfortunately not a dime.


No. Horse racing is really not very humane & finally getting some of the scrutiny it deserves.

Carin Level 8 May 4, 2019

I missed it.

waiting on replay... the winner is under review.

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